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Work Visa & Work Permit Services

FastLane Group offers work visa and work permit application services to help businesses navigate immigration processes for international talent. We guide clients through the visa application process, ensuring compliance with immigration laws, and handling all necessary paperwork and communications.

Our work visa and work permit services provide businesses with comprehensive support in navigating immigration processes, securing work visas, and obtaining work permits for international talent. This allows companies to access the skills and expertise they need to drive their global success.

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Expertise in Work Visa and Work Permit Requirements

We have a deep understanding of the work visa and work permit requirements of different countries.

Documentation Assistance

Help you gather the required documentation and ensure that your application is complete and accurate.

Immigration Representation

We can represent you in front of immigration authorities.

Basic Requirements for Work Visa applications

no criminal records

Does not possess any criminal records or security objections

Strong educational background

With Strong educational background

genuine job vacancy

Be able to demonstrate that there is a genuine job vacancy at the employing company

secured employment offer

Have a secured employment offer for a position that matches the applicant’s qualifications

remuneration package is in line with the prevailing market standards

The remuneration package is in line with the prevailing market standards

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Work Visa and Work Permit Application Procedures

The requirements and procedures for obtaining a work visa vary by country. This can make the process complex and confusing.

We understand that applying for a work visa can be a daunting process. We are here to help you every step of the way. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and we will provide you with the support you need to obtain a work visa and achieve your international workforce goals.

Check out our service details in various locations

We offer comprehensive business services with specialized expertise in various locations. Explore our tailored solutions and discover the unique advantages we bring to each specific location.

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Hong Kong Work Visa Work Permit

Hong Kong

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Other Locations

Other Locations



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