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Tax compliance & advisory services in China

FastLane Group provides tax compliance & advisory services to foreign companies in China. With our extensive network and cross-border expertise, we empower you to excel in tax management and focus on driving your business forward.

Stay on top of your tax compliance

Timely Tax Filing

Ensure accuracy, compliance, and timeliness in preparing and filing your returns. You can avoid penalties resulting from late submission.

Stay Updated on Tax Law

Our tax team stays up-to-date with China’s tax laws, ensuring your company remains compliant with tax filings.

Advisory & Planning

We offer strategic tax advice to optimize expenditures, reduce double taxation risk, explore incentives, and more.

Elevating Financial Confidence with Our Professionals

FastLane offers a range of Tax Compliance Services

Corporate Income Tax Compliance Services

Individual Income Tax Compliance Services

VAT Compliance and Support Services

Other Types of Tax

Talk with our local consultant to learn more about taxation in China.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Tax filing and payment deadlines is within 15 business days upon the end of each month or quarter.

Failure to meet tax filing and payment deadlines may result in penalties, including fines ranging from RMB 2,000 to RMB 10,000. Additionally, late payment penalties and potential credit rating downgrades may apply, leading to increased tax supervision.

Fastlane Group specializes in assisting foreign companies in China. Our services include compliance and optimization to ensure timely and accurate tax filings, helping clients avoid penalties and maintain a strong tax credit rating.

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