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FastLane’s Comprehensive Company Secretary Services: Your Path to Compliance and Success in China

FastLane offers comprehensive company secretary services to assist foreign companies operating in China, ensuring compliance and optimizing operational efficiency. Our exceptional expertise enables you to achieve Compliance Excellence, empowering you to confidently navigate intricate regulations with utmost confidence and peace of mind.

Achieve Business Success Uninterrupted with a Dedicated Company Secretary

Simplified Compliance

Streamline your corporate obligations with our all-inclusive suite of services, consolidating tax, accounting, and more.

Operational Efficiency

Experience hassle-free corporate compliance with our integrated suite of services.

Experienced Support

Guide your business at every stage, whether you’re a startup or an established company.

Our Efficient Company Secretary Services Empowering Your Corporate Compliance

Company Formation and Governance

  • Streamlined China company setup
  • Appointment and change of company director
  • Compliance with local ownership and control regulations
  • Provision of audit support services

Compliance and Regulatory Support

  • Provision of a registered address and change of registered office address
  • Preparation and filing of annual returns
  • Assistance with business registration fee processing
  • Liaison for secretarial, statutory, compliance, accounting, and tax advice

Corporate Actions and Share Management

  • Dividend distribution handling
  • Issuing, allotment, and transfer of shares
  • Preparation of written resolutions for AGM

Efficient Company Deregistration

  • Assistance in the smooth process of company deregistration
  • Complying with legal requirements and procedures

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Frequently Answered Questions

According to the State Authority for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) in China, every Chinese registered company must have a company secretary as a legal requirement for their corporate entity.

Company secretarial (CoSec) services encompass a comprehensive range of responsibilities, ensuring impeccable administration and compliance within the company. Some key tasks include:

  • Managing and maintaining the company’s registers and records diligently
  • Expertly preparing and submitting company documents to SAIC
  • Offering legal and compliance advisory services to the esteemed board of directors
  • Providing indispensable secretarial support to the board with utmost dedication
  • Vigilantly supervising the company’s corporate governance practices, upholding the highest standards

Company secretarial services play a crucial role in ensuring businesses adhere to local regulations and handle administrative tasks seamlessly. By doing so, they empower business owners to dodge potential penalties, fines, and legal entanglements.

When seeking the right candidate, consider these four key attributes:

  • Depth of experience and expertise in corporate governance
  • A well-rounded perspective, stemming from extensive global exposure and local insights
  • Customized services that align with your company’s unique requirements
  • A collaborative approach that fosters progress alongside your organization.

FastLane Group is at the forefront of delivering premium corporate services, accounting expertise, and comprehensive company incorporation solutions for businesses operating in China. Our highly skilled and certified professionals are committed to assisting you in achieving full compliance with relevant laws and regulations, ensuring the smooth functioning of your company.

With a profound comprehension of the local business landscape and in-depth knowledge of pertinent laws and regulations, FastLane Group offers invaluable support to your company. Our expertise extends to international best practices, ensuring comprehensive guidance for your business needs.

FastLane Group provides a comprehensive suite of services specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your company. We offer assistance with various aspects, including company incorporation, registration, record-keeping, and professional advice on matters of corporate governance.

At FastLane Group, our unwavering dedication lies in delivering exceptional service. We are devoted to being there for you, promptly addressing your inquiries and assisting you with all your requirements.

This is the easiest part. It is free of charge and all you need to do is schedule a meeting with us and we will guide you through the process.

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