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Company Incorporation Services

Fastlane Group offers comprehensive business support services, aimed at guiding enterprises towards global success. Our team of experts provides assistance at every stage of the process, from local company setup to expanding into international markets.

We navigate local regulations and global complexities to ensure a smooth transition. Engage Fastlane Group to achieve your business goals, regardless of their location.

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With years of experience in Malaysia and global markets, our professional team at FastLane Group guides you through the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with relevant laws for a smooth operational journey.

Personalized service

We understand that every business is different, and we offer personalized service to ensure that your company’s needs are met.

Global reach

Our global presence ensures you have reliable support and resources, no matter where you choose to take your business. With an extensive network and strong partnerships spanning the globe, we are committed to supporting the success of your international ventures.

Comprehensive Incorporation Solutions for Your Business

Company name search and reservation

One of the most important steps in the business formation process. Making sure there is no duplication of your intended business name.

Company incorporation application

We will handle the entire process, from document preparation to submission, saving your time and effort.

Application of Business Registration

Failing to properly file and obtain your Hong Kong business registration certificate can make doing business difficult. We ensure that all your company formation documents are prepared according to the government’s requirements.

Provision of a registered address

We provide a legitimate registered address service, with a complimentary mail handling service to ensure that there is no communication gap between your company and its stakeholders.

Company secretary services

Our company formation package comes with an option to serve as your Company Secretary. Check our Company Secretary service page to learn more.

Bank account opening

Without proper preparation, opening a bank account could take months. Let us fasten the process and get your business running as soon as possible.

Talk with our local consultant to learn more about the service.

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Check out our service details in various locations

We offer comprehensive business services with specialized expertise in various locations. Explore our tailored solutions and discover the unique advantages we bring to each specific location.

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Other Locations

Trusted by 1000+ business owners since 2013



“FastLane have supported our capital raising round by advising and building our financial models, setting up Xero and Unleashed inventory systems, so we can focus on growing our business.”



“FastLane is the perfect fit for startups that are looking for flexibility, trustworthy consulting, and someone that is willing to work with you to grow the business together.”



“FastLane has allowed us to spend less time on these parts of the business, and hence contributed to our successes in becoming a global music technology brand.”

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