Public Holidays in China 2024

Public Holidays in China 2024 – The Chinese Holidays

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In the beginning of December, the General Office of the State Council releases the official calendar list in respect with public holidays of the following year. It is important for employers to know that Saturdays and Sundays which are usually go with national holiday have been made longer or marked out as additional days of work for some form of compulsory adjustment whereby the working days around the said national holidays were altered.

On the national holidays, the triple pay compensation can only be given to the genuine original national holiday days specified by law, i.e., only one day for New Year and three days for Chinese New Year are supposed to hold such a privilege. If employees work during the adjusted breaks, they will only receive their double time pay for overtime work.

In the case of private businesses, they can decide among themselves on how they want to operate. It however should take into consideration extra days off, only when official holiday schedules are maintained.

There are currently seven official public holidays in China.

New Year’s DayDec 30, 2023 — Jan 1, 2024three days
Spring FestivalFeb 10 — Feb 17eight days
Qingming FestivalApril 4 — April 6three days
Labor DayMay 1 — May 5five days
Dragon Boat FestivalJune 8 — June 10three days
Mid-Autumn FestivalSept 15 — Sept 17three days
National DayOct 1 — Oct 7seven days

When a Holidays in China Occurs on a Rest Day 

In a case whereby a Holidays in China falls on any of the Saturday or Sunday, the following day is declared to be the statutory compensation time off.

Holiday Pay 

The employer must pay the employee the full wage during a holidays in China. The wage figure can be averaged from the employee’s history with figures calculated per day and then used as the daily wage.

Work During Holidays in China

The employer, however, can opt for another arrangement in lieu of the statutory holiday but such alternative arrangements must not happen more than a 60 days in advance to the said holiday.

Overtime payment for hours worked on a Holidays in China

The rates for overtime payment vary depending on the type of rest days and the working hour system in place. It is important to consider these factors when determining the appropriate compensation for extra hours worked.

Under the standard working hour system, It stipulates that the rate for employment on an official public holidays in China should be not less than 300 percent of normal wage; where such rest days cannot be carried forward and taken later, not less than 200 percentage of normal wage shall be paid as required by the system.

Under the comprehensive working hour system, for labor conducted on public holidays in China are not slighter than 300 percent of typical wage will be given However, no rest day is specified at the above-mentioned regime; hence, such day and weekends for work performed therein are free from overtime wages.

In the case of the agency with non-fixed working hours, at least three hundred percent of the ordinary payment shall be provided to each worker for holidays. Nevertheless, overtime rules are not same for regions but differs. For example, employees working under the non-fixed work hour system are not paid overtime for hours worked on holidays like public holidays to be advantage in Beijing. Nevertheless in Shanghai, it is considered to be overtime as employers are entitled to payment of over 300 percent of normal wages.

No overtime payment is required for adjusted working days on weekends.

China Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines for 2024

The deadline for tax filing and payment announced by the STA of China in filing of tax for 2024 shall cover those taxpayers said to have at least 15 working days after the end of every month or quarter. The given deadlines may be recommended for those businesses that operate in China to pay attention to them not being late with the payments, and not having a credit rating downgrade within the tax.

On December 21, 2023, the State Taxation Administration (STA) released the Circular of the General Office of the State Taxation Administration on the Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines for 2024, clarifying the tax filing and payment deadlines for taxpayers who are required to complete tax filing and payment within 15 business days upon the end of each month or quarter. Specifically:

On 21 December, 2023, the State Taxation Administration (STA) issued the Circular of the General Office on the Annual Deadlines for Tax Filing and Payment in 2024, which further publicizes the annual deadline for tax filing and payment for those taxpayers stipulated to finish tax declaration and payment within 15 working days following

  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in months including January, March, July, August, and November is the 15th day of the month;
  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in February is extended to February 23, 2024, as the Spring Festival holiday falls on February 10 to 17;
  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in April is extended to April 18, 2024, as the Tomb Sweeping Festival falls on April 4 to 6;
  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in May is extended to May 22, 2024, as the Labor Day holiday falls on May 1-5;
  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in June is extended to June 19, 2024, as the Dragon Boat Festival holiday falls on June 8-10;
  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in September is extended to September 18, 2024, as the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday falls on September 15-17.
  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in October is extended to October 24, 2024, as the National Day holiday falls on October 1-7.
  • The deadline for filing and payment of taxes in December is extended to December 16, 2024, as December 15 is a Sunday.

Local tax bureaus have the authority to modify tax filing and payment deadlines in specific circumstances. However, it is crucial to submit these adjustments to the State Tax Administration (STA) beforehand.

When are China’s tax filing and payment deadlines for 2024?

To provide a clearer representation, we have compiled a comprehensive table and calendar summarizing the tax filing and payment deadlines for China in 2024. This resource aims to enhance understanding and facilitate efficient planning.

JanuaryJanuary 15Monday
FebruaryFebruary 23Friday
MarchMarch 15Friday
AprilApril 18Thursday
MayMay 22Wednesday
JuneJune 19Wednesday
JulyJuly 15Monday
AugustAugust 15Thursday
SeptemberSeptember 18Wednesday
OctoberOctober 24Thursday
NovemberNovember 15Friday
DecemberDecember 16Monday

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