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Corporate services for China and Asia

FastLane Group provides a suite of corporate services for businesses expanding into China and Asia, including company formation, company secretary, HR Payroll, PEO & Employer of Record China, tax, and work visa. Our experienced professionals provide end-to-end support to help you establish a solid presence in China and navigate the complexities of Chinese regulations.

Explore the benefits of doing business and expanding in China

A favorable tax environment

China has a favorable tax environment for businesses, with a low corporate tax rate and a number of tax breaks and incentives available.

A strong consumer market

China has a strong consumer market with a high level of disposable income.

Supportive government

The China government is supportive of businesses and offers a number of programs and initiatives to help businesses succeed.

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To do business in China, you need a partner who knows the ropes

We can help you navigate the complex regulatory environment to make your expansion compliant and seamless.

Comprehensive services suite

We provide a complete suite of corporate services, including company formation, accounting, tax, HR, and business advisory services.

Deep expertise

FastLane Group has a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and business practices in China and Asia.

Flexible and scalable approach

Our offerings are flexible and scalable to meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes.

Technology & Security

We use the latest technology to streamline processes and provide clients with real-time information.

End-to-end corporate solutions for every step of your expansion journey

Discover intelligent solutions to the most intricate administrative challenges your business faces as it expands into China and beyond. Whether it’s establishing an investment vehicle, facilitating cross-border transactions, or establishing a fully operational local or regional presence, we are here to ensure you maximize the advantages and benefits this exceptional region has to offer. Our objective goes beyond merely offering advice; our primary focus is to deliver efficient solutions to address your concerns.

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Tax Compliance & Advisory

Work Visa & Work Permit

R&D Incentives

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International Business

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Professional corporate services with a global reach
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Expand your business across the world

With our extensive presence in the intricate markets of Asia and a reliable client platform, we offer you the opportunity to effortlessly and securely extend your business into global markets. Our dedicated client success manager will efficiently coordinate all the necessary operations across every market, ensuring your seamless experience.