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Hire in China without an entity. Your Global hiring solution.

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Employing in China Without Establishing an Entity

When expanding your business overseas, swift action is of paramount importance. With FastLane Group, you can seamlessly onboard new employees in China within just one month. Our highly efficient processes ensure a streamlined and expedited hiring experience for your international endeavors, ensuring the utmost convenience and effectiveness.

Your Global Hiring Solution

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and an Employer of Record (EOR) offer the opportunity to establish and operate in a new market, all while bypassing the need for legal or physical presence in a foreign country.

Our team of specialists in global expansion can help you accomplish your objectives in a significantly shorter timeframe and at a reduced cost compared to the traditional process of company incorporation.

Your Global Ambitions,
Our Local Expertise
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How It Works

Discover 4 simple yet effective steps to efficiently hire employees in a new market in China, without the need for setting up a subsidiary or registering a business.

1. Choose the Ideal Candidate

Let us know if you already have an ideal candidate to hire or you can use our recruitment services.

2. Team Onboarding with Us

We will employ the candidate on your behalf.

3. Streamlined Compliance Management

We will manage their payroll and contribute to social security.

4. Focus on Growing Your Business

The newly hired employee will work in your company just like any other employees.

To learn more, read our blog about PEO & EOR here.

Talk with our local consultant to learn more about our PEO & EOR services.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Foreign companies often use PEO and EOR services in China to quickly establish a presence in the Chinese market, comply with local employment laws, and access local talent without the need to establish a legal entity.

Chinese companies use these services abroad to simplify global expansion, manage HR tasks, and ensure compliance with foreign labor laws. This approach allows them to focus on core business activities.

The main difference is that PEOs typically handle a broader range of HR functions, including recruitment, while EORs focus on HR tasks but do not manage recruitment services.

Yes, PEO and EOR services can often be tailored to the unique requirements of each company, ensuring that they receive the necessary support for their global expansion strategy.

These services provide local expertise, assist with compliance, and offer guidance on navigating cultural and legal differences, reducing the risks associated with global market entry.