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Tax Compliance & Advisory Services

Fastlane Group is a fully integrated accounting firm offering comprehensive services in tax planning, advisory, and compliance services. Our extensive network and cross-border expertise empower your business to excel in tax management.

With tailored solutions and insightful advice for selected locations, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan, we optimize tax strategies, driving efficient cash flows and earnings worldwide. Trust our global perspective and in-depth knowledge to guide you through the complexities of taxation, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

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Profit Tax Computation

Accurate tax computation is critical to a company’s success. Partnering with a professional can help ensure that your tax computations are compliant and hassle-free.

Offshore Tax Claims

When your income is generated outside of your home country, you may be eligible for exemptions from your home country’s profit tax. We are delighted to assist you in determining your specific tax obligations and claiming any available exemptions.

Tax Filing

It is a fundamental responsibility of taxpayers in their respective jurisdictions. It involves accurately reporting financial information on tax returns, as well as complying with other tax-related requirements. Non-compliance can result in penalties or legal consequences.

Efficient Taxation Advisory for Your Business Success

Profits Tax / Corporate Tax

Assisting businesses with tax filing while ensuring full compliance with the law.  By providing professional tax filing and planning, we enable businesses to benefit from tax deductions through eligible claims.

Income Tax / Salaries Tax

Compliance with the tax laws and regulations of the jurisdiction and avoid penalties for late filing or inaccurate reporting.

Property Tax

By properly managing property tax obligations, property owners can ensure that they are in compliance with the law and that they are not overpaying their property taxes

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We offer comprehensive business services with specialized expertise in various locations. Explore our tailored solutions and discover the unique advantages we bring to each specific location.

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