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Freelancer VS Contractor

Freelancer VS Contractor

Understanding the distinctions between freelancers vs contractors, their work dynamics and classifications.

What is tenured employee

What is tenured employee?

FastLane Group assists in global workforce management, ensuring compliance and growth for tenured employees

4 Tips to Avoid Payroll Management Mistakes

4 Tips to Avoid Payroll Management Mistakes

Discover 4 essential tips to avoid payroll management mistakes and learn why it’s crucial to review and enhance your payroll management system.

5 Simple Ways to Enhance Employee Retention

Introduction Securing international talent is a crucial component of constructing an exceptional global team. But, organizations must devise effective strategies to nurture and retain their staff if they want to achieve success. In this age of fierce competition for elite global talent, leaders are striving to engage and maintain their international workforce in order to … Read more

4 Ways to Successfully Expand Your Remote Team

Common strategies for onboarding or office team building won’t work with remote staff. It can be tough to tell if your virtual workplace is prepared to grow.

How PEOs Help you Hire Employees and Expand to New Markets?

Introduction A Professional Employer Organization (PEO), in simpler terms, is a company that provides employee management solutions and takes on the legal responsibilities of being an employer. It does this for another company, which then contracts its services. The services that PEOs offer their clients depend on the provider, but they typically include managing payroll … Read more

Demystifying Key Employee Benefits A-Z

Employee benefits are a non-financial form of compensation given to an employee as part of a contract in addition to wages. Some benefits are government-mandated, meaning employees are legally required to provide them. In Hong Kong, the main employment legislation is the Employment Ordinance (EO). Here is a list of the key mandatory employee benefits … Read more