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Understanding Labour Law Malaysia

Understanding Labour Law Malaysia

Navigate Labour Law Malaysia seamlessly with expert Employment Law compliance guidance, HR solutions for optimized workforce management

What is HRD

What is HRD?

Explore HRD registration and compliance guidelines for businesses in Malaysia, covering benefits, obligations, and step-by-step procedures

What is EPF and SOCSO

What is EPF and SOCSO

Explaining what is EPF and SOCSO: Malaysian contributions for employee security & retirement. Learn more here with FastLane.

Public Holiday in Malaysia

Public Holiday Malaysia 2024

Learn more about the legalities and implications of public holidays in Malaysia, including surprise declarations and employer obligations.

Recruiting in Malaysia A Comprehensive Guide

Recruiting in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide

Recruiting in Malaysia can be a complex process, but this guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from finding talent to onboarding new hires.