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We take care of your financial admin, you focus on growing your business. As a Xero Platinum partner, we leverage the power of Xero’s cloud-based accounting platform to provide efficient bookkeeping services that comply with local accounting standards.

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Our Accounting Services Pricing

Accounting Catch-Up Services – From HK$2,000

Customized Pricing based on yearly transactions. Our services include:

  • Address overdue bookkeeping and Inland Revenue Department penalty notice
  • Resolve multiple periods/years of accounting backlog and bring your bookkeeping up to date
  • A full reconciliation of bank accounts, owner accounts, income, and expenses
  • Comply with Hong Kong Accounting Standards
  • Ready for Audit Review and Profit Tax computation
  • Use of accounting software or Excel

Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping Services – From HK$2,900

Customized Pricing based on monthly transactions. Our services include:

  • Gather financial documents at the beginning of each month from cloud file hosting services (such as Dropbox)
  • Our dedicated team will reconcile your accounts, categorize your transactions and produce your financial statements
  • Outstanding list for your pending inputs for categorization and missing receipts if needed

Our professional accounting services team will provide customized solutions based on your business needs and transaction volume, ensuring your accounting operations run efficiently and comply with regulatory requirements. Whether you are a small business or a medium-sized enterprise, we can offer reliable and professional accounting services tailored to your needs.

Service Fee Structure

Transparent fee structure

Our fee structure is transparent, allowing you to clearly understand the cost of each service.

Customized pricing plans

Based on your specific needs, we offer flexible and customized pricing plans.

Please note that accounting firm fees vary based on different service items and business needs. If you have any questions about our services or would like to learn more. Feel free to contact our firm’s consultants, and we will be dedicated to providing you with assistance and support.

Get Your Books Done Faster

Save time and money with automation and our dedicated accounting services with FastLane accounting firm Xero accounting system.

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Accounting Services FastLane

Why FastLane?

Professional Accountant

Professional Accounting Services

Get a dedicated accountant to prepare your financial statements and balance sheet. We are on-call via live chat and respond within a day.

Timely Compliance Filing

Timely Compliance Filing

Keep track of your filing deadlines year-round. Get an audit by a certified Auditor, and remain compliant on your submissions for filing tax returns.

Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping

Xero Accounting System Cloud

Send us your receipts and documents electronically. We securely store them in one place. Accessible at any time.

No Hidden-fees

No Hidden-fees

Transparent pricing that is customized and covers all your business needs. No worries about surprises charges and penalties.

Talk with our Chartered Accountant, we can help you with accounting services and Xero accounting system.

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“FastLane is the perfect fit for startups that are looking for flexibility, trustworthy consulting, and someone that is willing to work with you to grow the business together.”
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“FastLane has supported our capital raising round by advising and building our financial models, setting up Xero and Unleashed inventory systems, so we can focus on growing our business.”
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“FastLane has allowed us to spend less time on these parts of the business, and hence contributed to our successes in becoming a global music technology brand.”
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Frequently Answered Questions

As a small business owner, it’s likely that you’ve taken on the task of bookkeeping yourself in order to stay mindful of your expenses. Most business owners discover that their time is better spent focusing on their goods and services rather than accounting debits and credits as their company expands.

You may outsource everything from day-to-day accounts receivables to payables, payroll, transaction coding, accounting, filing your Profits Tax Return, and even financial reporting.

Cloud accounting, also known as online accounting, entails hosting accounting software on remote servers, transitioning the entire process to a cloud-based system while maintaining the same functionality as traditional desktop accounting. This approach mirrors the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) business model, where data undergoes processing in a separate location before returning to the user or client.

Cloud accounting software eliminates the requirement for individual desktop installations and maintenance, providing businesses with real-time reporting and visibility. Besides, a significant advantage is the ability for users to access software applications remotely via the Internet or Intranet. In the context of a Hong Kong accounting firm, employees across various departments can access consistent, up-to-date data and software versions without missing any updates.

Furthermore, most cloud platforms offer API functionality, allowing third-party software to integrate with your system and enhance your business accounting processes.

FastLane is using a cloud-based accounting software named Xero. Xero accounting system offers businesses a simple, yet powerful, way to manage their finances. Xero users can access their business finances wherever they are, collaborate seamlessly with other parties, and can even improve their cash flow through online invoices.

FastLane Group started its journey with Xero in 2013 and is certified as one of the Xero Advisors and Xero Platinum partners. Our team are Xero experts and can guide you through the benefits of Xero and transform how you do your bookkeeping, run your credit control and even pay your employees.

Every company is required to submit its Profits Tax Return annually. For newly incorporated company, the first Profits Tax Return is issued 18 months after incorporation. The company will then have 3 months to prepare the accounts and audit report for the initial profits tax filing. Subsequently, the tax return must be filed by the deadline determined by the Company’s Accounting Year End Date.

Furthermore, companies employing staff are required to submit the Employer’s Return of Remuneration & Pensions annually. This report should include the salaries and wages disbursed to employees for each fiscal year (April to March) and is commonly filed in April each year.

When it comes to scaling and expanding your business, it’s essential to entrust routine administrative tasks such as accounting and bookkeeping to experienced professionals who grasp the intricacies of entrepreneurship.

At FastLane, we specialize in offering comprehensive accounting services tailored for small businesses in Hong Kong. Our dedicated team manages financial statements, oversees bookkeeping tasks, and provides expert accounting guidance. By relying on our accounting services, you’ll save valuable time and avoid costly late fees or penalties, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

By partnering with us, you not only benefit from the expertise of dedicated accountants but also enjoy convenient access to all your documents and financial data. Your documents are securely digitized and stored in the cloud, enabling you to work from any location of your choice.

You can handle bookkeeping yourself, but it is not recommended. Keeping account books is essential for ensuring the efficient operation of the company. It involves maintaining a comprehensive record of year-round financial transactions, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, ledger accounts, accounts receivable and payable, and bank reconciliation statements.

Outsourcing accounting services can provide cost savings and reduce the need for additional staff, particularly for small businesses. At FastLane, we leverage trusted accounting software such as Xero and ReceiptBank to streamline our accounting services, recording expenses and tracking business transactions efficiently.

Additionally, our team employs cloud accounting to ensure timely preparation of annual financial statements and audit work. Year-end reports and annual tax returns are submitted to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department according to filing deadlines. Your dedicated accounting manager or certified public accountant in Hong Kong will maintain regular communication to address any accounting service-related issues, including financial reporting and important updates.

However, there are considerations to keep in mind if you opt for an external auditor or accountant to handle your accounts. Check our article for more information on selecting an external auditor.

You can also explore our article on HKAS for further insights.

We charge accounting services fees based on an hourly rate or a fixed fee per month depending on the number of your company transactions and business complexity. Nothing unexpected will appear on your bills!

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