HR & Payroll Services
With FastLane
HR & Payroll Services
With FastLane

Cloud-based HR & Payroll Services

FastLane Group provides local and cross-border HR and payroll services that comply with diverse country regulations. With our expertise in navigating worldwide HR and payroll scenarios, you can trust us to maintain compliance with local statutes.

Streamline your global enterprise’s HR process with cloud-based solutions, benefiting from advanced systems and best practices to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Focus on your core activities and achieve efficient workforce management with Fastlane Group.

Taking the Stress Out of Payday.

Why FastLane?

Reduce cost

Reduce Cost

Enjoy full HR and Payroll solutions without having to build this team yourself.

cloud-based system

Cloud-based System

We manage your Payroll and HR administration completely online. Access from anywhere, anytime.

stay compliant

Stay Compliant

We have professional knowledge of local laws and regulations in Hong Kong.

Talk with our local HR Payroll experts and try out our payroll services.

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What We Do

Payroll Management

  • A Dediciated HR Specialist 
  • HR Payroll Software Setup & Implementation
  • Employees’ Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Monthly HR Payroll Calculation
  • Employee Salary Payment Arrangements
  • Employees Expenses Reimbursement
  • MPF Contribution Calculation for Employer and Employees
  • Payslips Creation and Distribution 
  • Leave Records Management
  • Monthly HR Payroll Report
  • Maintenance of Employees’ Personal Records
  • Employer’s Tax Return Filing

Hong Kong salaries tax advisory

  • Preparation and submission of individual tax returns
  • Personal salary tax filing
  • Salary tax advisory

HR administration and support

  • Employee Compensation Insurance (“ECI”) enrollment
  • Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) enrollments
  • Employees’ medical insurance schemes enrollments
  • Advisory for employment regulation compliance 
  • Work Visa Application Assistance

MPF Services

  • Authority to act as the authorized signatory
  • Compile a monthly executive summary
  • Provide a monthly Hong Kong MPF remittance statement for the MPF trustee
  • Enrollment, termination, and contribution arrangement for every employee
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We Partner With Talenox to Streamline Your HR Payroll Process


Talenox is a cloud-based HR software that is designed to manage tasks related to HR payroll and leave and was nominated as Best Payroll Software by HRM Asia. Being able to fully integrate with platforms such as Xero and coming with an easy set-up process, Talenox is an efficient way for companies to streamline their HR processes.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Outsourcing HR payroll processes lets professional payroll service providers handle all your payroll, and even possibly HR-related tasks. Doing so frees up resources for more strategic tasks that can ultimately affect a company’s bottom line, as repetitive tasks will no longer require hours of attention from a company’s key management.

When considering outsourcing a payroll process, companies should examine their internal resources. What is my in-house capability? Is my HR staff familiar with local tax and labor laws? Does my payroll contain confidential information that I’d rather my internal teammates in HR not be privy to? If any of these questions make you consider outsourcing your payroll, then perhaps it is time to do so!

Cloud-based / online payroll software offers a diverse range of benefits not commonly found in traditional HR payroll systems. Very simply, users of a cloud-based payroll software can enjoy cost advantages, increased efficiency, improved financial control and can devote more time and resources to business driving activities.

FastLane HR Payroll charges a setup and monthly processing fee in accordance with our clients headcount. Employees will only be counted towards the headcount when they are onboarded. Payroll, MPF calculations, tax administration and related off-boarding / termination filing services are included in our monthly fee. Other advisory fees are based on fixed fee quotations on a case-by-case basis.

Under Hong Kong’s Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (“ECO”), no employer shall employ any employee unless the company has an insurance policy in place to cover any potential injuries or liabilities incurred in respect of all their employees. Employers who fail to comply with the ECO to secure an insurance cover are liable to a maximum fine of HKD 100,000 and imprisonment for two years.

According to the Hong Kong Labour Department, employers should follow the minimum insurance cover when taking out employees’ compensation insurance:

No. of Employees: Amount of Insurance Cover per event
Not more than 200: Not less than HKD100 million
More than 200: Not less than HKD200 million

As it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that adequate coverage is available for their employees’, it is recommended to notify an insurer when developments or issues arise.

What is the process of obtaining Employee’s Compensation Insurance (ECI)?
According to session 40 of the Employee’s Compensation Ordinance, Companies should prepare their ECI before hiring any employees. Companies should consult a List of ECI issuers for a qualified ECI. 

After decided the insurance provider, companies can prepare the following items to fasten the procedures: 

  • A detailed declaration on the annual earnings and job duties of individual employees;
  • The usual work locations of employees; 
  • A specific list for those who are required to work outside Hong Kong or take overseas business trips;
  • A specific list for any work that is sub-contracted to subcontractor and stating clearly whether the employees of the subcontractor are covered by the policy

After taking out employees’ compensation insurance policy, the employer is required to display, in a conspicuous place on each of his premises where any employee is employed, a notice in both English and Chinese, showing the details of the policy. 

How can FastLane help with ECI registration?
FastLane is a professional firm that offers a wide range of corporate and HR outsourcing services for your business starting in 2013. We can provide our experience and expertise to ensure that businesses do not need to dedicate excessive resources to find the best ECI program and handle the registration process. We make the process easy to manage which allows our clients to focus on their key revenue-driving activities.

The mandatory provident fund (MPF) scheme was introduced on the 1st of December, 2000, making it compulsory for all companies to enroll employees aged 18-65 within the first 60 days of employment. Effective May 1, 2025, the offsetting mechanism will be abolished thereby disallowing employers to make deductions from MPF contributions that ought to be given as the separation or long service payment.

According to the MPFA, both full-time and part-time employees are covered by the MPF system and it is the employer’s responsibility to enroll their employees in an MPF scheme within the first 60 days of their employment. To do so, employers should consult the MPFA’s List of MPF Approved Trustees for qualified MPF schemes. The employer, upon selecting one or more of the MPF schemes available on the market, should offer them to their employees.

Self-employed individuals must also enrol themselves into an MPF scheme within 60 days after becoming self-employed. However, exempted persons are not required to do so.

Unlike ECI which is mandatory in Hong Kong, health insurance is not. The decision on whether or not to provide employees with health insurance lies with the employer. Despite not being mandatory, the vast majority of Hong Kong businesses provide health insurance to their employees, though the level and extent of the coverage varies greatly. Health insurance plans can be purchased for a group of individuals from providers.

Hong Kong health insurance schemes generally provide coverage for the following categories:

  • Hospital / Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Dental
  • Worldwide evacuation

When building and managing a team, Hong Kong employers must take into consideration the various regulations surrounding employment. We recognize that staying up to date with Hong Kong’s continuously developing statutory employment requirements is a time consuming and tedious task. FastLane can provide updates on any regulatory developments and can advise on how best to navigate and adhere to your business’ employer responsibilities.

The laws include:

  • Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO): This ordinance prohibits unlawful discrimination in employment on basis of sex, marital status, pregnancy or parental status.
  • Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO): Such law forbids any form of discrimination based on disability in the workplace.
  • Family Status Discrimination Ordinance (FSDO): This ordinance bans discrimination in employment on the basis of family status as defined by whether or not one is married, has children or is pregnant.
  • Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO): Under this ordinance, it is unlawful to discriminate in respect of employment in terms of race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin.

There is no law in Hong Kong that sets a maximum number of working hours, the standard working hours are 8 hours per day.

No specific provision. The common practice is 1-3 months.

Effective from 1 May 2023, the minimum wage shall be HK$40 per hour.

During probation, for example, an employer may give a notice of termination, where the conditions vary depending on the length of employment.

Upon termination, there are requirements of MPF, tax, and various payments.

The common retirement age is 65 years old.

  • Employees working 18 hours per week for 4 consecutive weeks, employed for at least 3 months, can avail annual leaves.
  • Entitlement ranges from 7-14 days based on years of service.

FastLane Group can assist clients in applying to the various visa schemes offered by the Hong Kong Government. We have obtained extensive experience assisting entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs in the visa application process. If you require assistance navigating the complex visa process, FastLane can offer guidance to improve your chance of a successful application.

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