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Company Registration Services
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Complete Online Company Registration Services in Hong Kong

Embark on the path to entrepreneurial success with efficient company registration services in Hong Kong.

Our philosophy, “From Local to Global“, embodies our commitment to facilitating local Hong Kong company registration, assisting foreign companies in Hong Kong incorporation, and supporting Hong Kong company incorporation & expanding overseas.

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We handle your business accounting.

We provide set-up, training and outsourcing accounting services for Xero. You can focus on running your business and we’ll handle the bookkeeping via Xero!

Xero is the best cloud accounting solution currently available. It is fast, simple and enables you to access your accounts at anytime, from anywhere.

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Company Registration Services For Everyone

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Tailored for Hong Kong individuals and business owners seeking incorporation.Tailored for foreign business owners seeking a tax-friendly foundation to extend their reach into Asian markets.Tailored for Hong Kong businesses eyeing seamless expansion into international markets.
Hong Kong Company Incorporation

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Company setup in Hong Kong is a straightforward process and we are here to assist you in managing the necessary government requirements to ensure a seamless experience.

Engage a local corporate secretary

Every Hong Kong company needs a local company secretary. They handle liaising with the government during company structure changes. Learn more about our Corporate Secretary services for compliant coordination.

Establish a registered address.

Your registered company address is on record with the Hong Kong government. This is where you’ll receive all official correspondence, which is mandatory for every business.

Obtain your Business Registration Certificate.

This document contains your company’s official details and is usually issued annually. We’ll help you obtain the Business Registration Certificate and assist with the yearly renewal.

FastLane Group offers a seamless and efficient 100% online company registration process, designed to be completed in just three simple steps.

  1. Share your details and documents with us through the chat. Provide your company name, business activities, share structure, director and shareholder information, and complete online ID verification for each individual.
  2. We will prepare your essential documents:
    • Company Constitution
    • Articles of Association
    • Application for Incorporation
  3. We will send you the finalized documents for your digital signature.

It couldn’t be simpler!

As a business owner, you’re required to submit two reports and undergo an annual audit, even with no transactions. This involves submitting reports, preparing unaudited accounts, undergoing external auditor review, and filing your Profits Tax Return (PTR).

FastLane Group ensures accurate and timely preparation to prevent fines and penalties. Your dedicated accountant manages bookkeeping and adheres to reporting.

You’ll require a bank account for receiving funds and settling invoices. FastLane Group facilitates your connection with our partners, assisting in the submission of your application to a bank tailored to your business.

We collaborate with major banks like HSBC and DBS in Hong Kong, along with other traditional banks. Additionally, we also partner with online financial services such as Airwallex, RD Wallet, and Aspire.

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We Help Setup Company in Hong Kong and Other Places too.

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You are required to provide these documents for an audit quotation:

Trial Balance

Income Statement

General Ledger

Statement of Financial Position

Prior Year Audit Report (if any)

Corporate Secretary Document

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Frequently Answered Questions About Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Company Registration in Hong Kong is a straightforward process. 

  • Select the business structure and a company name.
  • Check name availability on the Companies Registry.
  • Minimum requirements: one director, one shareholder, HKD 1 share capital, a Hong Kong-based company secretary, and a local office address.
  • Submit forms electronically to the Hong Kong Companies Registry and Business Registration Office.

The complete registration process through an electronic form, depending on the applicant’s qualifications and experience, may require 7 to 14 working days for the issuance of your certificate of incorporation. For a comprehensive and detailed guide, be sure to explore our in-depth guide on “How To Start A Business In Hong Kong“.

Choosing to Company Registration Hong Kong is a smart decision when determining your business base. Hong Kong offers a thriving business environment, attracting numerous investors for good reason. 

  • Attractive Business Hub: Many investors are drawn to Hong Kong for its favorable business environment.
  • Tax-Friendly Environment: Especially appealing for foreign businesses starting operations in Hong Kong.
  • Lucrative Opportunities: A productive legal system and pro-business setup provide ample opportunities.
  • Stability and Workforce: Hong Kong offers a stable economy and a skilled workforce.
  • Efficient Startup: Business-friendly tax policies expedite the setup process.

For more comprehensive and engaging reading material, please read Top Benefits to start a Business in Hong Kong.

It is crucial to know whether or not your business is required to obtain a business registration certificate, as you may face stiff penalties or have your ability to do business halted if you do not apply for one in time. Learn more about the requirements below.

Here is a list of companies that must file for business registration to operate successfully in Hong Kong:

  • Companies or organizations that complete activity that is primarily done for earning a profit. (Retail, service providers, product developers, etc.)
  • Any organization or club that offers services or facilities to members for a cost or fee.
  • Any company incorporated within Hong Kong with the IRD – including any who do business in Hong Kong and similar jurisdictions that fall under IRD law. 
  • Any company registered in Hong Kong with company representatives in Hong Kong.

If your company or organization falls under this list, you are required to apply for your Business Registration Certificate within 30 days of starting your operations.

Certainly! Once you have successfully conducted the Know Your Customer (KYC) records-checking process, you will be allowed to register Hong Kong companies and benefit financially in the form of the status of a local company. You are required to abide by the Companies Ordinance and Companies Registry CR with your firm having a registered office address, a verified company name, and a company secretary based in Hong Kong.

Individuals of any nationality are allowed to register a company in Hong Kong. There are no restrictions concerning the nationality of shareholders and directors on Company Registration. Nevertheless, it is important to have a local business registered address because a P.O. box is not recognized by the government.

Significantly, you do not have to be physically present in Hong Kong during the company formation process. In all cases, except for some Hong Kong banks where a face-to-face meeting in Hong Kong may be required to deliver all hard copy files.

For every new company in Hong Kong, having a business account is crucial. There are two approaches to opening an account in Hong Kong, each offering a variety of choices.

  • Traditional Banks: Institutions like HSBC fall under this category. Traditional banks prioritize in-person meetings and require more documents during the business registration process.
  • Online Financial Services: Options such as RD Wallet, Aspire and Airwallex are available in this category. Online financial services allow you to conveniently fill in information on their website and complete the process online.

Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

FastLane Group is proud to collaborate with a wide range of reputable banking partners. Our partners are ready to offer their expertise and support for all your business needs. Get in touch with our dedicated team today to receive personalized referrals and expert recommendations. Read Top Tips for Opening a Hong Kong Business Bank Account

The Business Registration Certificate is a crucial document issued by the Business Registration Office, providing comprehensive details of a company. Operating businesses in Hong Kong necessitate both a Business Registration Certificate and a Business Registration Number. If you own a business in Hong Kong, it is mandatory to apply for a Business Registration Certificate within 30 days of commencing operations. This certificate, as per the Companies Ordinance, is issued by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

To ensure seamless business operations and safeguard your valuable assets and shares, it is crucial to renew the certificate annually. You can conveniently apply for the necessary documents through the e-Registry at the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

The Business Registration Number (BRN) serves as the Tax Identification Number (TIN) for businesses. It is a unique identifier assigned by the Inland Revenue. The BRN consists of 8 numerals at the beginning of the business registration certificate number (e.g., 88888888-&&&-&&-&&-&). These numerals represent the entity’s identifier, equivalent to the TIN.

The BRN is derived from the first 11 digits of the business registration certificate number, whereas the company registration number is a 7-digit identifier. Look for this 7-digit number in the upper left corner of the Certificate of Incorporation. For further information, please refer to this informative article BRN vs CRN.

The Articles of Association serve as a crucial document that outlines the rules and guidelines governing the company’s operations by the board. It is widely regarded as a contractual agreement between company members and the organization, ensuring smooth functioning and adherence to established protocols.

Registered businesses are required to renew their Business Registration Certificate annually (unless it’s a 3-year certificate). The business registration office typically sends the renewal demand note by post to the business address in the middle of the month before the renewal month for the certificate. For instance, if the renewal starts in May, the demand note will be issued in mid-April. Once payment is made, the demand note becomes a valid Business Registration Certificate.

If you don’t receive the demand note, it’s important to inform the Commissioner in writing within 1 month after your current Business Registration Certificate expires. The renewal process can still be completed either in person or by post.

  • In-person, it is recommended to personally visit the Business Registration Office. Bring along your existing Business Registration Certificate and request a new demand note. If you have recently changed your business address without notifying the Business Registration Office, please ensure to complete form IRC 3111A to inform them of the change.
  • By post, to renew your Business Registration Certificate, need to submit a photocopy of the previous certificate along with a crossed cheque made payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” to the Business Registration Office. Following receipt, a duly stamped Business Registration Certificate will be sent to your business address. If your business address has changed, please include an advice detailing your business registration number, business name, old and new addresses, and the effective date of the change.

From 14th February 2011 onwards, renewal demand notes will be issued on plain A4 size paper. For further details, kindly refer to the “Format of Business Registration Certificates, Branch Registration Certificates and Renewal Notices“.

In addition to BR, you may also be required to apply for other licenses or obtain recognized professional qualifications to operate specific types of businesses. It is crucial to consider these requirements to ensure compliance and success in your ventures.

For comprehensive information on additional licenses, permits, certificates, and approvals about import and export operations, as well as other business activities in Hong Kong, kindly visit the official website of the Trade and Industry Department.

Certainly! You can definitely do it! FastLane Group offers a seamless online company registration process that demands minimal effort from you. We will guide you through appointing a local Corporate Secretary, securing a registered address, setting up a business bank account, and handling other essential tasks. The best part? You won’t even need to be physically present.

Certainly. The Companies Ordinance does not stipulate any necessity for a director to be a resident of Hong Kong.

Once all your documents are in order, the company registration process usually takes about 2-4 business days. The timeline primarily depends on the readiness of your required documents and the operating hours of the relevant authorities. Rest assured, we strive to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

The private limited company structure is the prevailing choice for business registration in Hong Kong. This structure entails fulfilling certain prerequisites to ensure a seamless process.

  • At least one shareholder (18 years or older, local or foreign).
  • Minimum one director (18 years or older, local or foreign; can be the same as a shareholder).
  • Registered address in Hong Kong (non-PO Box).
  • Minimum paid-up capital of HK$1 per share.
  • Appointment of a Company Secretary residing in Hong Kong for compliance and documentation assistance.

Every company must appoint a Company Secretary residing in Hong Kong. This individual plays a vital role in assisting directors with the preparation and filing of all essential documentation to ensure company compliance.

Hong Kong company directors are not required to be residents, and physical presence in Hong Kong is often unnecessary during the Company Registration process. To register a Hong Kong Private Limited Company, you need to have at least one director and one shareholder, with the possibility for a single individual to take on both roles.

Once your Hong Kong company has been successfully incorporated, you will receive the following documents for your company:

  • A Certificate of Incorporation
  • A Business Registration (“BR”) Certificate
  • Articles of Association 
  • Incorporation Form (“NNC1”)
  • A company chop

Those documents will be packed in a “Green box” which can be taken to a bank account opening interview. Furthermore, our group entity, FastLane CPA Limited is a CPA practice registered with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”) which allows us to certify all your company documents for business use!

Yes! Our group entity, FastLane CPA Limited is a CPA practice registered with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”) which allows us to provide accountancy and auditing solutions. We are also licensed with Hong Kong Company Registry to provide corporate services in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions. To summarize, we can provide the following ongoing services:

  • Company secretarial services
  • Assistance in the filing of Annual Return
  • Provision of a custodian of the Company’s statutory records
  • Act as your Designated Representative
  • Provide a company registered address
  • Assistance on renewal of Business Registrations
  • Bank account opening assistance
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