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The Ultimate Guide to Global Expansion

Introduction Global expansion occurs when a company’s operations expand from the original market, which is referred to the home market, into a foreign market, which is referred to the target market. We can expand our company one market at a time or regionally. An example of expanding regionally would be if we chose to do … Read more

Cayman Islands and BVI companies are right for your blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses?

Introduction Blockchain and Cryptocurrency bring revolutionary impacts towards the world. This is an area that many entrepreneurs are eager to explore and develop their next big things. Establishing and finding a crypto friendly jurisdiction to set up a legal entity is an important next step to formally launch the business. Jurisdictions such as Cayman Islands … Read more

What Is A Green Box, & Why Do I Need One?

As a Hong Kong business owner, receiving a “Green Box” is a hallmark on the journey toward entrepreneurship. Why? Because when you finally receive that iconic Green Box, you know that you have been handed the keys and roadmap to your business’s future. Understanding what a Green Box is and how it pertains to your … Read more

Guide to Registering a Business in Canada

In recent years, Canada has grown into one of the world’s largest economies and has gained attention as a viable alternative to the United States for those looking to expand into North America. The country has become recognized for its diversified business environment, stable political environment, wealth of natural resources and easy access to the … Read more

Why You Should Consider Registering a Company in Delaware

The United States (“US”) has always been an attractive place to conduct business with many choosing to do so through Delaware company incorporation. As of December 2018, nearly 1.4 million legal entities were incorporated in the state of Delaware with 67.2% of all Fortune 500 companies having done so. Given the number of companies having … Read more

Guide to UK Company Incorporation

The United Kingdom (“UK”) has long been recognised as an international business hub. Despite having a reputation of being a business-friendly state, the UK company incorporation process can be confusing at times. In this article, we look to share guidance on what the UK company incorporation process entails.   What You Will Learn: 1. Decide … Read more

Setting up a Sole Proprietorship or Limited Company

Entrepreneurs who wish to start a business have a variety of business entities to choose from, the most common company types being a sole proprietorship or private limited company. While many entrepreneurs are eager to begin their business ventures and incorporate their company, it is important to understand the various advantages and disadvantages associated with … Read more

Best Countries To Start A Business in Asia

In this article, we look to outline several popular countries in Asia to start a business in addition to the key benefits and considerations for incorporation.