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Singapore Employment Pass & EntrePass Services

FastLane Group offers Singapore Employment Pass & EntrePass application services to help businesses navigate immigration processes for international talent. We guide clients through the visa application process, ensuring compliance with immigration laws, and handling all necessary paperwork and communications.

Our work visa and work permit services provide businesses with comprehensive support in navigating immigration processes, securing work visas, and obtaining work permits for international talent. This allows companies to access the skills and expertise they need to drive their global success.

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Expertise in Work Visa and Work Permit Requirements

We have a deep understanding of the work visa and work permit requirements of different countries.

Documentation Assistance

Help you gather the required documentation and ensure that your application is complete and accurate.

Immigration Representation

We can represent you in front of immigration authorities.

Application Navigation

Guiding you to navigate the complex application process.

Basic Requirement for Singapore Employment Pass & EntrePass

no criminal records

Does not possess any criminal records or security objections

With Strong educational background

Be able to demonstrate that there is a genuine job vacancy at the employing company

Have a secured employment offer for a position that matches the applicant’s qualifications

The remuneration package is in line with the prevailing market standards

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Singapore Employment Pass & EntrePass Application Procedures

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a type of renewable work visa for foreign professionals, managers, executives and other professionals to live and work in Singapore. The Employment Pass is also available to Entrepreneurs who have incorporated a Company in Singapore. This permits the Entrepreneur to move to Singapore and run business operations in the country.

Employment pass Application Procedures

Step 1: Determine eligibility

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for the EP, which include having a job offer from a Singapore-registered company, holding a managerial, executive, or specialized skill position, having relevant academic qualifications, and earning a salary that aligns with the industry standard.

Step 2: Prepare necessary documents

Applicants must gather all of the required documents, such as the completed EP application form, passport, educational certificates and employment testimonials.

Step 3: Engage an employment agent

Employment agents can help applicants with the EP application process including submitting the application to MOM and providing guidance on the required documents.

Step 4: Await the In-Principle Approval (IPA)

The IPA is a letter from MOM that grants the applicant permission to enter Singapore and work under the EP. The IPA is typically issued within 3 weeks of submitting the application.

Step 5: Record fingerprints and photos at the Employment Pass Service Centre (EPSC)

Once the IPA is issued, the applicant must visit the EPSC to record their fingerprints and photos.

Step 6: Receive the EP card

The EP card is typically issued within 5 working days of recording fingerprints and photos at the EPSC.

EntrePass Application Procedures

The EntrePass is a visa scheme in Singapore specially designed for international entrepreneurial talent looking to launch and operate innovative businesses in Singapore. 

The EntrePass is meant for owners of newly incorporated or yet-to-be-incorporated businesses in Singapore that are engaged in entrepreneurial, innovative, or investor activities.

A Qualifying Entrepreneur

Should either have received a minimum of $100,000 in funding from a government or a government-recognized venture capitalist or angel investor, or possess a strong entrepreneurial track record with participation in an incubator program or a promising history of entrepreneurship.

An Innovator

Should either hold intellectual property that is difficult to replicate, have established collaborations with government-recognized research institutions, or have demonstrated exceptional achievements in their specific area of expertise.

An Investor

Should have a proven history of successful investments or commitment to fostering growth in the local tech startup ecosystem

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The difficulty in obtaining an Employment Pass (EP) varies based on the applicant’s qualifications, work experience, salary, and the demand for their skills in the job market. Each application is evaluated individually by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

No, EP holders are strictly permitted to work full-time with a specific employer.

Yes, EP holders can relocate with their families. The specific pass/permit depends on the relationship with the family member and the intended activities in Singapore. Some common passes include Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), Dependant Pass (DP), Letter of Consent (LOC), and Pre-approved Letter of Consent.

Yes, EP holders can initiate a Private Limited company in Singapore and act as the local director. It is advisable to stay updated with regulations related to company formation.

No. While EP is a work visa for professionals in managerial or specialized roles, Work Pass is a broader term for various work visas issued in Singapore.

Singaporean citizen or PR EP holders need to make CPF contributions, but foreign national EP holders don’t. Instead, they contribute to the Skills Development Levy (SDL) and the Foreign Worker Levy (FWL).

EP holders are taxed on their employment income with rates ranging from 0% to 22% based on the amount earned. Other taxes like property tax, GST, and stamp duty might also apply.

EP holders can be outside of Singapore for up to six months without affecting their EP status. For longer durations, approval from MOM is necessary.

If you lose your job in Singapore while on an Employment Pass (EP), your EP will be cancelled immediately. You will then have 30 days to either find a new job and have your new employer apply for a new EP for you, or to leave Singapore.

In other words, you will not be allowed to stay in Singapore without a valid EP for more than 30 days after your job loss. You’ll have 30 days to secure a new job and reapply for an EP else you will need to leave Singapore. You will be able to return to Singapore if you are able to secure a new job and obtain a new EP.

Yes, EP holders can apply for PR. The assessment for PR considers factors like economic contributions, duration of stay in Singapore, and local family ties. In other words, EP holders who have made significant economic contributions to Singapore, have lived in the country for a long period of time, and have strong family ties in Singapore are more likely to have their PR applications approved.

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