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Malaysia long term social visit pass (LTSVP)

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Expatriates holding a Category 1 and 2 Employment Pass in Malaysia are allowed to bring along dependent members of immediate family. For those who do not fall into the dependent category, a Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Passs (LTSVP) is often used as an option. This article provides a detailed overview on the objectives of an LTSVP and the procedure to obtain it from Malaysian Immigration Department Expatriates Services Division (ESD).

Note: Spouses of Malaysians are also eligible for the Long-Term Social Visit Pass that has distinct requirements and permissions but this article is focused on expatriates and companies in Malaysia employing them.

What is a Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass?

An LTVSP is a long-term permit which enables eligible family members of an Employment Pass holders to accompany and live with their principal in Malaysia. The validity of an Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTVSP) lies between six months and five years, which allows for a longer period of stay for the dependents vis-a-vis the principal Employment Pass holder. This pass allows family members to stay in Malaysia for a long time, bringing together the family and helping them support expatriates during their work in the country.

How long will your Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTVSP) be valid for?

The length of an LTVSP meets the term of validity for the primary holder with an Employment Pass. On the other hand, if the passport validity for an Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTVSP) applicant is shorter than that of a Principal Employment Visa, then the length of Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) shall be tied to whichever date passes earlier — reflecting on both forms. 

While LTVSP renewal may be feasible, it is recommended to keep the passport of an applicant updated so that the stay in Malaysia would continue without interruptions. This makes it possible for the beneficiaries to continue enjoying benefits attached to Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTVSP) without hiccups.

Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass vs Dependent Pass

The primary distinction between these two passes lies in the categories of individuals they encompass, as outlined in the table below:

Long Term Social Visit PassDependent Pass
1. A common law spouse, parents, or parents-in-law.
2. Biological and legally adopted children who are 18 years old and above.
1. legal spouse (husband/wife)
2. biological & legally adopted children who are  below 18 years old
3. Dependent children, irrespective of age, if they have a physical or mental disability that renders them dependent on you.

In September 2023, the application fee for both a Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTVSP) and a Dependent Pass is RM450 without additional charges for Immigration and processing fees. Moreover, holders of both passes are not allowed to work in Malaysia unless they apply for an Employment Pass. There is no extra treatment for an individual with a relation to an already existing Employment Pass holder; each case is considered separately.

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Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass Application Process

Ensure that the documents below are prepared before commencing with the application process.

Required documents

  • Recent passport photo
  • Copy of the passport including the booklet and cover
  • Birth Certificate of Children above 18 Years Old (if applicable) Translated into English and CTC.
  • Copy of the Employment Pass holder’s Birth Certificate or Translated/Copied English version of the Employment Pass holder’s Spouse Birth Certificate (for Parent and Parent-in-law) certified true copy
  • Affidavit / Acknowledgement letter from the embassy or consulate general of the employment pass holder on the nature of relationship (for common law spouse).
  • However, original letter from the Commissioner of Oaths and confirmation letter from relevant Embassy in Malaysia with regard to the their latest status(single, unemployed and under custodian of EP holder) is required for every renewal.
  • For Stamped Personal Bond;
  • Other documents specified upon request

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*Note: Translations need to be done either by your Respective Embassy / High Commission / Consulate General or the Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books (ITBM).

Applying Online Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass

The company or sponsor should submit the application for the applicant. To begin this process, go to the ESD portal, login into company’s ESD account (or sign up for one) and submit the application with supportive documents. In the positive case, the process of acceptance is handled in 14-21 business days.

As mentioned above, being priced in the amount of RM450 which doesn’t include immigration and licensing fees per Long-Term Visit pass each Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTVSP) is essential. Either an employer or an expatriate, we hope that your application procedure is smooth and you will have a wonderful experience in Malaysia. Consider using our services to improve your application experience!

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