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What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software developed to go through a transformation of financial management and help business globally. It is easy to use, as it has many features integrated into it, which helps you to achieve accounting tasks, and you get real-time insights and analysis from your fingertips.

Using Xero, users have the power to easily generate reports, to manage invoices and expenses without any effort, as they are all provided by the program, including online approval of quotations, automated invoicing and integration with PayPal and Stripe. The software primarily distinguishes itself with its automated bank reconciliation fueled by direct synchronization with bank accounts that cuts down time and at the same time guarantees accuracy.

In addition to Xero’s mobility and accessibility, the users are allowed to work from anywhere and at any time, a feature which gives a flexibility that is unmatched. Its advanced economic and financial analytical functions offer up-to-date understanding of the current financial situation as well as projections for the future allowing accurate and informed decision-making for business growth.

At its core, Xero is not just a regular accounting software; it is a game changer that leads to improved productivity, efficiency, and performance of the whole business operation, which makes it a must-have for firms of any size.

Xero Platinum Champion Partner in Malaysia

Xero Cloud Accounting Software

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Why Xero?

Together with FastLane Group, Xero is becoming the leading cloud accounting system for contemporary companies. Through the provision of seamless accessibility, which is simply an internet connection, Xero ensures that the business owners, finance personnel, and employees can easily access the financial data at any given time and place. Besides, FastLane Group’s knowledge and skills broaden this accessibility even more, helping clients to put in practice the best Xero’s possibilities.

As a software that is subscription-based, Xero’s plans, efficiently managed by FastLane Group, enable an unlimited number of users, this explains why it’s easy to scale without incurring huge costs. Through the elimination of the need for expensive IT infrastructure or servers, Xero and FastLane Group maximize resources as they expedite operations on necessary time saving. FastLane Group will save your organization time by taking care of the entire onboarding process and user management.

Xero is capable of integrating with over 700 applications that are able to address all the operational needs from payroll to inventory management, giving this product a unique level of adaptability. This modular system makes it very flexible, and companies can now expand their system as much as they need, while consulting with the FastLane team to customize it to suit their needs.

Meanwhile, the document storage feature in Xero helps to streamline data collection and searches, thus minimizing the paperwork management. FastLane Group’s know-how and skillful application system tailoring make organizations to operate more effortlessly, therefore, they can grow and accomplish their goals faster.

In short, the combination of Xero and FastLane Group provides an accessibility, scalability, and customization which is the preferred option for businesses looking forward to streamlined financial management and the boost of FastLane Group.

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Why Subscribe Xero Through FastLane?

Immigration Representation

Xero Migration Specialist

FastLane has got specialization as a Xero Migration Specialist, this means that migration and integration of businesses to Xero’s cloud accounting system will be done in the most seamless way. We have successfully completed Xero migration projects for our clients, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transition which would not affect the key operation of their business.

Expert FastLane

Platinum Champion Partner Status

Our company FastLane is the holder of a Platinum Champion Partner title with Xero, what is a great honour and reflects our constant work and excellence in the provision of superior accounting solutions. Since 2013 up to date, our relationship with Xero has grown to become a strong one, where our in-depth knowledge and years of experience of the platform has made us the go-to partner for businesses seeking the highest level of expertise.

Document Assistance

Xero Advisor Certified

At FastLane we have a team of Xero Advisor Certified professionals who have the know-how’s and skills needed to give our clients all the help and guidance that they may need to run their businesses using Xero’s powerful accounting tools. This accreditation is a verification that the clients get an expert advice and the best help that their business requires as it is needed, hence the clients take advantage of every Xero feature.

Subscribing to Xero through FastLane will give you the privilege of accessing a whole treasure of expertise and support, from the migration to the ongoing customization of your account. Platinum Champion Partner status of FastLane and Xero Advisor Certified professionals, let businesses know that they can rely on FastLane to provide world-class and top-notch services and results when it comes to Xero’s cloud accounting software.

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Xero Features

xero bank connections

Bank Feeds

Link your CIMB Bank BizChannel, Public Bank (PBB), and HSBC accounts to Xero for automated transaction integration.

xero online invoice

Online Invoicing

Send invoices, automate reminders, and manage invoice admin efficiently from desktop or mobile.

xero sales tax calculation

Sales Tax

Automatically calculate sales tax on transactions and prepare sales tax returns effortlessly.

xero bank reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Keep account balances up to date with easy bank reconciliation features.

xero reporting


Track finances with accurate accounting reports and collaborate with advisors in real-time.

xero inventory


Monitor stock levels and manage inventory with Xero’s inventory software.

xero data capture

Capture Data

Automatically store documents and key data in Xero with Hubdoc integration.

xero multi-currency accounting

Multi-currency Accounting

Pay and get paid in over 160 currencies, simplifying international business transactions.

xero Track Projects

Project Tracking

Plan, budget, and invoice projects seamlessly with Xero’s job tracking tools.

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Frequently Answered Questions

The cloud version of Accounting has your business books and data in a virtual server, a ‘cloud’ instead of storing data in the computer’s desktop or in the hard drive. Using the Internet connection, you will be doing all your accounting work through the web or mobile app where all your data will be stored and accessed.

Your data will be as safe as most Cloud Accounting Software use SSL encryption or Advance Encryption Standard (AES). All your data will be safe in transit and while in storage in the online server.

We highly advice using XERO Accounting Software because their features are the most feasible for all industries also if you’re running a small business. XERO has a well-designed interface, the usability of which makes it appealing to novice Cloud Accounting users. It is advisable to try it out and find out which software is most appropriate for the business you are running!

Firstly, identify the operational processes of your business which you plan to digitize. Develop the way they work to make it easier and more efficient. As a second step, consult a software consultant or use the FREE trial or demo of the Cloud Accounting Software you are planning to use. Examine its features to make sure they match your business processes.

P.S. We feel privileged to help you consider and probe into the Cloud Accounting tools together. There is no need for hesitation on your part if you have any questions. You may email us at enquiry@fastlane-global.com.

Utilizing the Cloud Accounting Software should not be seen as a replacement for the manual tasks, rather it should be viewed as an opportunity to lighten the usual manual workload your business might have. As an example, the cloud-based software can help you with the automation of data entry work, as well as with sending e-invoices to your customers from anywhere, using the software.

Well, to be fair, there would be different prices for different cloud accounting software. This is the key advantage of the cloud-based software, however, the perfect Cloud Accounting Software can be selected by evaluating your business needs and with an estimate of your budget range. If interested, our email address is enquiry@fastlane-global.com and we will reach out to you soon!

Digital transformation is a trendy technique nowadays which means that digitalization of your accounting process would be a very good thing for you to get prepared for making big business decisions in the future. Accordingly, technology adoption in your business processes should be done sooner because it will make your work easier.

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