A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining an Employment Pass in Malaysia

A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining an Employment Pass in Malaysia

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Work Visa

In Malaysia, foreign people who want to look for a job there need to have a work permit especially if the person is applying for professional and high-skilled purposes. Malaysia has different work visas such as professional careers, various skills and duration of working period. Therefore knowing how visa application is carried out for these visas is very important as it will enable a smooth transition into working in this rich and diverse country.

Types of Work Visas in Malaysia

Working in Malaysia requires a specific purpose work visa. These are supposed to see that the right visa is issued according to each specific case so that you have the rightful authorization. Malaysia has visa choices for you if you are interested in starting employment, establishing a business as well as exploring new opportunities of career development. With this information, you can manage through the application process and comply with immigration regulations of Malaysia knowing what various work visas available entails.

  1. Malaysia Employment Pass (EP): It is on this work permit that the individuals are allowed to work in Malaysia, where their employment terms can go up to five years.
  2. Temporary Employment Pass: This is a pass that is granted to semi-skilled and unskilled foreign workers for the period of employment that does not exceed two years. Some of the occupations include but are not limited to agriculture, manufacturing, mining, service sector and construction.
  3. Professional Visit Pass (PVP): Under the PVP, foreign professionals who are skilled and working in Malaysian companies on behalf of Foreign employers receive validity for less than one year.
  4. Residence Pass-Talent (RPT): It is a high-skilled expatriate pass which allows the highly qualified people to live and work in Malaysia without being employed by one company. RPT is a ten year based validity period that allows changes of jobs within this period.

The Malaysia Employment Pass (EP)

Malaysia Employment Pass (EP) is divided into three categories to adapt varied levels of professional roles. This helps ensure that people of any experience and expertise can easily get employment chances in Malaysia. The EP framework is well designed encouraging the inclusion of foreign talents into its workforce thereby promoting a dynamic and inclusive work environment.

Category 1: Designed for top leadership roles in a firm, including executives, CEO’s CTO and or COO, technical or managing directors and project managers. For category 1, a minimum monthly salary of RM10,000 and a work contract that can go up to five years is required.

Category 2: Includes marketing/financial managers, lecturers, directors and architects among others. Applicants are required to have a monthly income of between RM5,000 to RM9,999 and ensure they possess a working contract of at least two years.

Category 3: Non-executive posts that require specific technical or practical abilities e.g. for designers, artisans and food technologists. Eligibility involves a monthly pay of RM3,000 to RM4,999 and an employment term of not more than two years. In this category, EPs cannot be renewed for more than twice, and hiring a Foreign Domestic Helper is not encouraged.

Work Visa Holders & Dependent Pass

Dependent Pass is a kind of visa that allows family members to bring into Malaysia for work visa holders. Such members include spouse, parent, child, which is not more than 21 years of age and legally adopted kids.

Steps to Apply for an Employment Pass in Malaysia

1. Eligibility Determination: Be sure to meet the eligibility requirements of that EP category you want to apply for. This includes, among others, a valid job offer, appropriate qualifications and experience points and the salary threshold.

2. Obtain a Job Offer: Get offered employment by a Malaysian employer who would sponsor your EP application.

3. Pre-application Documentation: Get ready your passport, educational certificates, resume/CV, employment contract and any other supporting documents.

4. Employer’s Application: Your employer (sponsor) will prepare the EP application and submit it to the relevant government-approved agency based on the sector. Ensure the applicant meets all the requirements set by the Ministry of Home Affairs & Immigration Department of Malaysia.


5. Supporting Documents: Attach all relevant supporting documents such as company registration papers, business profiles and financial statements.

6. Application Processing: Have your EP application processed. New applicants will be required to stay out of Malaysia until their application is approved. The processing time usually takes about 4 to 8 weeks.

7. Entry Visa: If you are outside Malaysia, please apply for an entry visa/Visa with Reference from the High Commission or Malaysian Embassy in the country of origin.

8. EP Endorsement: When you arrive in Malaysia, your employer will help you get the endorsement on your passport from the Immigration Department to an EP. In this step, your legal status as an EP holder is formalized.

Starting from 1 March2023, all foreign professionals under Employment Pass (Categories I, II & III) can take advantage of the service to process their endorsement at the ESD Satellite Centre (ESC), Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1(KLIA1).

Upon receipt of the visa sticker in your passport, the employment pass endorsement processes are completed, allowing you to travel to and from Malaysia until time for visa renewal.

It is imperative that foreign individuals aiming to seek employment in this vibrant country navigate the Malaysian work visa landscape. By being informed and doing things as they should be done, you will have avoided a lot of issues on your way to getting to work in Malaysia.

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