HKICPA issue of A Plus features FastLane!

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FastLane is honored to have contributed to HKICPAS December issue of A plus where we discuss if Hong Kong universities are doing enough to prepare accounting students”

Since our company formation, FastLane, a business advisory and practicing firm, has had a plethora of interns who are in the middle of their accounting degrees. We have noticed that although these individuals are passionate, talented and quick to learn, there is often a disconnect between the technical skills they learn in school and the practical skills an accountant generally applies in a professional setting.

Accounting is the language of business. As business is ever-changing, so are the standards and practice of accounting. Accounting education is also not static.

“Though university accounting education prepares them well with core technical skills, they lack other areas of knowledge such as a brand global business perspective.” – Nick Au, Project Executive of FastLane.

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