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The registered business mailing address of your company, which is actually the official address in the government of Hong Kong records, the designated point of contact for all official correspondences and communications is of the utmost importance. The role of registered address in Hong Kong is critical. Therefore, it is essential to properly consider and observe certain crucial pointers and guidelines that will help steer the management of your company’s registered address in line with legal obligations and to support the smooth running of the business operations.

Here are the 6 tips to note for your Hong Kong company’s registered address.

Why HK Company Requires a Registered Address

The provision under Section 658 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance thus requires all Hong Kong companies to have a physical registered office address within the territory. This address is where we will receive all formal letters and official announcements by the government. The HKSAR government uses the same address to send off four letters every year, among which one is from the Statistics Department, and the other three are from IRD. Incompliance with the due dates for these letters might cause customer to be liable for the fees that are charged as late fee. Please take note that the address provided on the registration form is for administrative purposes only, and this does not necessarily mean that it is the company’s main operational location. Hence, it is possible that the company will have an office for its day-to-day operations, which will not necessarily be its registered address.

A company address shall meet the following conditions:

  • The registered office address must facilitate receipt of all communications and notices.
  • It must be a physical address situated in Hong Kong.
  • P.O. boxes are not permissible for the registered office address.

In addition to the laws and regulations in Hong Kong, the company must display its name and company type on the letterhead, all stationery, and at the company’s registered office, as well as at every business location in legible characters.

The company name should be clearly shown and posted in the way mentioned previously, at all the company’s business premises and accessible to all visitors.

Can a Residential Address be Used as a Registered Address?

The address of your business is not confined to trade and business locations.

In other words, a residential address can function as a business office address as well as a company’s registered office.

If you opt to utilize a residential address as your registered address, you should:

  • verify the clause in the agreement to confirm it includes usage as a registered office address.
  • to be able to receive any dispatches, including government notices, in working hours.
  • make sure that you fulfill the duty to have the company name displayed continuously at the premises.
  • one should claim that the address will become a part of public information as the registered office address of a business is readily available to the public.

With all these in mind, many entrepreneurs still choose to be registered elsewhere and continue operating their business from home to have that extra privacy.

The normal approach is to use the registered address of a professional company secretary such as FastLane Group.

This is intended to guarantee that there is compliance and also any errors in timely receipt or handling of the government notices are avoided.

Virtual Address for Hong Kong Companies

A Hong Kong based business entity can use a virtual address as the company’s official address when registering the company.

A virtual office address allows one to have a legit business address without the need of a physical space for the office. You could use a virtual address service from various providers in Hong Kong. It is the best alternative since it combines low prices with professionalism. It is suitable for startups and businesses operating from a distance.

You can use virtual business address on your website, marketing materials, and in legal entities for registration.

Through the service provider you can get all of your mail and packages delivered to one place, and they will offer mail forwarding, scanning and digitally sending of the copies, or holding them for pick-up.

Virtual business addresses give the business an ability to be flexible enough and have privacy as they are shown as business not residential addresses thus may project a more established image. But, a physical business address can be advantageous for businesses that host client meetings often or are centered on a particular workplace.

Should Company Documents be Kept at the Registered Address?

Generally, companies will store their company documents and statutory records (members register, directors register, and significant controllers register) at their registered office address.

Nevertheless, this is not mandatory. The statutory records can be housed at another address in Hong Kong.

For this purpose, Form NR2 will be filed with the Companies Registry reflecting the address where statutory records are kept.

Benefits of FastLane’s Registered Office Services

Using FastLane’s registered address services helps our clients meet legal requirements without any problem.

We provide peace of mind by the following.

  • Prompt response to government notices that require action on or before the return deadline or are subject to late filing penalties (for example, tax return, business registration renewal demand note, and mandatory survey, etc.)
  • Avoiding the challenges of using a residential address, as outlined above.
  • Maintaining correct spelling of your company name at our office in a readable font.
  • Our business had the advantage of having a Hong Kong central business address, which offered instant recognition from investors and clients. This can be used in business cards, websites, letterheads and other official corporate documents.
  • This way you avoid having to report to the authorities, your bank and your business cards when you actually move your actual operations to a different location.
  • As there is no need to rent an actual office space, which is often very costly in Hong Kong. This is particularly valid when the business is imported from outside of Hong Kong.

How To Switch Registered Address to FastLane?

In case you choose us to provide you with our registered address services, we will handle everything for you.This includes:

  • Notice to your previous service provider.
  • Drafting the relevant company resolutions for the change of address
  • Reporting change of address to the Hong Kong Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department (IRC3111A and NR1 Form preparation and filing)
  • Assisting you in informing your bank and other business associates about change of address

Kindly be informed that any change of address should be reported to the Companies Registry within 15 days to prevent penalties.

What’s Included in Our Registered Address Service?

FastLane services are displayed in different packages of incorporation that customers can choose from and options for address provision service.

We offer much more than a mere business address. Our team is responsible for opening and scanning government letters, bank statements, and correspondence, ensuring that you do not have to do it yourself. This convenient service provides timely and trustworthy updates so that you can focus on the things that really matter, building your business.

Our services notably include:

  • Provision of virtual office address and registered address solutions
  • Company name and liability status visibly presented in legible font
  • Confirmation statement for address available upon inquiry
  • Scanning services for incoming correspondence
  • Dispatching services for outgoing letters
  • Daily email alerts for received letters and parcels
  • Address suitable for inclusion on name cards, letterheads, etc.
  • Reception of regular mail, airmail, packages, and registered mail

FastLane, the registered company secretary, offers a range of services, including company incorporation and providing the registered address. Our experienced professionals will ensure that there is compliance and efficiency in handling the communications and correspondence of the government as well as removing the burden of administration from you. FastLane provides you with quick as well as reliable support, so that you can concentrate on business development and growth. Contact us if you require a registered address or virtual office address.