What is a Certified True Copy

What is a Certified True Copy?

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Certified true copy implies a copy of an original document that has been certified by an authorised person to be a 100% copy of the original. Financial institutions and banks in Hong Kong have no choice but to follow the KYC and AML requirements, and provide certified true copies of documents. A certified true copy is a third party validation that the copy is exactly the same as the original document, with the date, stamp, and signature attached to it.

What is the Purpose of a Certified True Copy?

Having a certified true copy of the document is broadly used in order to copy vital documents (for example IDs, proofs of address, and bank records) to be sent to third parties for their reassurance and safety from getting damaged or lost during the transmission process.

How long is it valid for ?

In a practical point of view, there is no expiry date as to when the documents are authenticated by true copies. In fact, rather, some few financial institutions and governmental agencies will not take a certified true copy that is valid for more than 3 months. Just in case you are in doubt, then it is worth you contact the person who is asking for the certified true copy of the original document.

Who Can Certify a True Copy in Hong Kong?

Professionals in Hong Kong, such as solicitors, Notaries Public, and Certified Public Accountants CPA, are the only persons who have the right to notarize true copies of documents and such true copies are well respected and accepted by enterprises, governmental institutions, and financial institutions not only in Hong Kong but also in the whole region. The best advice here would be to ask the company you are dealing with so that they will tell you how their business requirements.

Common Format

Typically, a certified true copy of a document includes:

  • A person’s statement, which serves as the certifying person, stating that it is a true copy of the original.
  • The date when the claim was made.
  • The full name, and address of the person who did the certification with his professional title (for example, solicitor, or notary public) included.
  • The signature of the certifier to confirm the authenticity of this document.
  • The whole number of the pages in this document being certified.

Chinese or English are the language of the certification statement in Hong Kong. Mostly, the government or financial institutions do not accept any kind of certification letter in other languages.

How FastLane Group can help?

FastLane Group is prepared to help you out with the authentication of your documents by issuing CPA certified true copy. Our staff of certified public accountants, with years of experience, are able to certify your documents and thus ensure that they are certified to meet the specifications for financial institutions, government bodies, and other institutions. For your document certification needs that are guaranteed to be reliable and effective, contact us!