How To Get The Address Proof In Hong Kong

How To Get The Address Proof In Hong Kong

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If you wish to be in business, study or relocate to Hong Kong, you shall be required to provide address proof showing your residential status. Proof of address are necessary for access to the services that the government provides and for opening personal or business accounts in banks. However, what comprises proof of address in Hong Kong and where can you get it? This article gives a detailed guide on everything one should know about proof of address.

What Is Proof Of Address In Hong Kong?

Proof of address in Hong Kong is “a document which confirms that a person does live at a specific address in the city. Such a document serves as an essential bond between an individual’s name and a real address in Hong Kong, which confirms their permanent residence and makes sure the realness of their claimed living location.

Proof of address is not only a formal requirement but a crucial component in many administrative and legal processes, having multiple roles and functions in different sectors.

In this part, we will give an overview of what documents, and sources are considered as proof of address in Hong Kong.

What Are The Acceptable Address Proofs In Hong Kong?

A person might need relevant approval documents while opening a bank account. However, these documents could be recognized by different banks or institutions.

  • Utility invoices covering water, electricity, and gas consumption.
  • Telephone statements, mobile phone invoices, and internet service bills.
  • Financial statements from banks, lending institutions, insurers, or MPF providers.
  • Official documents from government or judicial entities, like tax assessments and public rental notices.
  • A valid, recently stamped lease agreement dated within three months of the application.
  • Records or invoices from colleges or institutions granting degrees.
  • Correspondences or documentation from civic bodies, such as the Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society.

If your permanent address is not the same as your present home address, you will need to prove that you are staying at your current address. It is because of that when banks and other companies are getting the address details from you they are using it to verify your identity and background.

A permanent address is a given fixed place of residence, a long-term location typically associated with an individual and used for official records and legal purposes. If a person already has a permanent address, it could mean that he is currently residing in the same place. It is getting the address of both places that helps institutions to know better the present location of a person and his/her long-term relationships.

Furthermore, banks and institutions may have their own special requirements for verification of evidence of address which is reflected through their application forms so if you want to know more exact information then refer to their official websites.

Providing Valid Address Proof In Hong Kong

A valid proof of address in Hong Kong must meet the following criteria:

  • Give the applicant’s name and address.
  • Specify the issuing organization
  • Show the issuance date.
  • Must be dated within three months or less before the application deadline.

Banks can take originals, copies, scans, or faxes, but banks may require compliance with the bank’s format. Hence, it’s advisable to reach your selected banks and confirm since this will simplify the process.

On the other hand, you may bring all the required forms which will prevent you from visiting the office again and again.

How Can I Get Address Proof in Hong Kong?

As far as obtaining proof of address in Hong Kong is concerned, the most convenient way is to collect bills that have your name and address on them.

On the other hand, in some cases people who actually live at a valid address may not have their names on utility bills or other documents required for proof of address. This situation is typical for minors, subtenants, sheltered people, dependent partners, and live-in employees.

In case you don’t have any bills with your name on them, you can give other typical options, for example, a bank statement or providing proof of family relation if you reside with family members.

Now, here comes the turn to find out about any possible ways to get proof of address in Hong Kong.

Use A Hong Kong Phone Bill for Address Proof

Phone bills make address proofs easy, and it is one of the most accepted ways of proving one’s address. The setting up of a phone plan nowadays is not complicated and affordable if basic mobile services in Hong Kong which start at HKD 50 per month are concerned. 

Go to a nearby mobile telco provider and choose the most basic plan. Let’s make sure you don’t miss out on registering the plan with the address of your residence, no matter if you live alone, or have friends or family with you. During a month you have to wait to receive your bill or statement from the phone company, indicating your name and address. E-statement is a convenient means to get information instantly, but some organizations still require physical documents.

Use A Utility Bill for Address Proof

Utility bills like electric bills, and telephone bills an easy to assess which is the most commonly used document for proof of address. If you own a place or rent a place officially in Hong Kong, try this for convenience.

This becomes relevant when the bills remain as proof of residence for three months which means that you have been actively using this address.

Moreover, bills and other forms of documentation should be placed in your name along with your current address.

Use A Bank Statement for Address Proof

Bank statements is commonly accepted as one of the proof of address because it carries the credibility that comes from the bank itself.

In order to have a bank statement, you must first be a client of the local bank in Hong Kong and make sure that your address which you’ve been given matches your residential or permanent address.

For you the other method is to add those credit or debit cards into your balance cards and use them for purchases. Every month, the bank will send you the statements indicating the transacted amount. This offers an alternative route to obtain bank statements for the process of address validation.

Legal Documents or Property Ownership  for Address Proof

If you have recently moved into a house that is the property you purchased in Hong Kong and have not received any utility bills, you could give legal documents showing ownership of that house at your current address to prove that you live there.

Whether you choose to turn in a license or a residence certification submitted by the real estate management agency, your place of living is verified.

Real Estate Document for Address Proof

For example, if you have rented a place to stay in Hong Kong or are staying at a place that is owned or rented by your friend, the housing management company will give you a certificate stating that you are residing at that address to support your proof of address.

University Documents  for Address Proof

If you are an international student studying in Hong Kong, contacting the university is a wise initiation. They will definitely get you the certificates proving your residential address.

This document is the main document that I needed while opening a local bank account and placing phone plan applications too. The university understands that and will issue appropriate documentation.

Use Your Family’s Proof of Address Among Other Proofs of Your Relationship

In case you are a resident of Hong Kong and you’re not named as an account holder in any of the bills payable, you can use a bill belonging to a member of the same family in conjunction with a document that clearly shows the relation you have.

This could be a

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage license

Unlike other countries where residency was determined by the place of your birth, if you belong to the family, you are considered as a resident.

Use Your Employer’s Proof of Address With Proof of Employment

If your employer provides your Hong Kong residence. Here is a list of proof of address that you can give:

  • A certificate that your employer gives that states that the accommodation is provided to you.
  • A residence  address proof document.
  • Proof of employment, which could be accompanied by an employment agreement, a salary statement, or any other document that shows the employment.

Although the documents above are generally accepted, each institution’s policies vary, and we can’t give you an absolute promise. In order to avoid any confusion, it may be a good idea to speak with your bank or institution and verify the exact requirements.

Why Proof of Address is Important?

We will move on to the point as to why a proof of address is needed in Hong Kong as well as globally.

Banking and Financial Regulations:

The banks in Hong Kong need the proof of address as one of the documents at the stage of an application for the account. The purpose of such regulation is to adhere to the Anti-money laundering laws and regulations. The verified address ensures banks to have the correct data in their records, therefore they can reach their clients whenever is needed and provide a safe financial services.

Government and Public Services:

The same applies to the government and many private companies which need the address proof as the confirmatory document itself to check the proportion of services and benefits that a person is eligible for. Besides that, this encompasses the registration for healthcare services, social welfare programs, and even for voting.

Daily Life and Services:

In everyday life, proof of address is fundamental for the activities related to setting up utilities (including electricity and water), enrolling children in schools, and applying for or renewing a driving license. Schools usually use proof of address to check out catchment areas and utility companies require proof of address to make sure that service is provided to the correct location.

What qualifies as the proof of residence and why it is needed to be provided is a must-know to all the residents of Hong Kong as well as those who are going to move there. Such information will help to smoothen the interactions with financial institutions, government bodies, and service providers, hence, the compliance with local regulations and easy access of the mentioned services.


Finally, phone bills and utility bills are the simplest options for proof of address in Hong Kong. A bank statement could act as a backup plan. Moreover, the legal documents that show the ownership of the property management can be used for this matter.

As long as you’re living with your family, their proof of address together with the proof of your connections to them will be acceptable.

In case you are running a business here and want to open a business account in Hong Kong then note that there are certain conditions and eligibility criteria you must consider apart from a proof of address of where your business is located.

How FastLane Group Can Help?

Need assistance obtaining proof of address in Hong Kong? FastLane is your solution! Our experienced team navigates the process seamlessly, ensuring you meet all requirements efficiently. Contact us today to simplify your documentation needs and focus on what matters most to you.

Frequently Answered Questions

Proof of address in Hong Kong is a certified government document showing that you are a resident of the Hong Kong territory and your name is connected with a real Hong Kong address.

Any Hong Kong phone bills, utility bills, bank statements, or even university certificates are proof of residence.

For getting Hong Kong proof of address when you are staying with your family, you do not have to face any difficulties because you can use their proof of address and provide valid evidence of your family relationship by showing a birth or marriage certificate.

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