Country With Free Healthcare

Country With Free Healthcare

Several countries with free healthcare or very much affordable universal healthcare. Nonetheless, the free healthcare provided often comes with some restrictions to various remedies in most places.

As an international company, it is important to have adequate information on countries that offer free healthcare.This article gives full details on countries that provide healthcare for free and the benefits that apply to visitors and foreigners.

Which countries have free healthcare?

Hudson’s Global Residence Index notes that only 43 countries in the world do not have free healthcare or access to universal healthcare for at least 90% of its citizens. Yet, in the whole world, Brazil is unique since it provides healthcare for all its citizens free of charge. In addition, Norway was the first country in the world to adopt a free healthcare policy as early as 1912. Interestingly, Norway is also listed as one of the healthiest countries in the world.

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73 Countries offer universal healthcare coverage

List of countries providing free healthcare services

The below country with free healthcare or universal healthcare, a provision of health services to almost 100% of the nations’ citizens. Every country does have a variant for universal health coverage in one kind or the other but the health care models differ a lot.

However, for these countries, there are differences in coverage and taxation levels for its individuals who may or not be able to buy supplementary health coverage. In addition, universal coverage is usually limited to provide citizens that pay taxes and contribute to the social funds. If individuals in other countries cannot enroll in their country’s taxpayer-supported universal system, employers may have to provide them with extra health coverage.

You plan the following countries where you would employ people. However, in this case you will have to study the rules of a certain region as it may still be obliged to provide employees with health coverage.

BahamasHong KongRomania
BulgariaItalySouth Africa
Burkina FasoJapanSouth Korea
ChileLuxembourgSri Lanka
Costa RicaMaldivesSwitzerland
Czech RepublicMonacoTrinidad and Tobago
EgyptNew ZealandTurkey
FinlandNorth KoreaUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Kingdom

Which countries don’t offer free healthcare?

The USA is the biggest country in the world that does not have an universal healthcare system. Nevertheless, it works with healthcare insurance packages providing organizations for provisions of cover to the employees’ dependents. The USA has provided the government programme of assistance to the disabled, old people and other vulnerable groups and as such has notably high costs for healthcare.

Some other countries that do not have free healthcare are Nigeria, Yemen, South Africa, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Does universal health care apply to visitors and foreigners?

There is no place in the world where healthcare is totally free. Nevertheless, healthcare legislations are different across various countries and universal healthcare does not imply that all citizens or foreigners receive the same. Yet for visitors, such as traveler’s health insurance provides extensive and affordable supplemental and primary coverage.

What is the effect of universal healthcare on visitors?

The impact it has on the visitors depends on the country and the type of universal healthcare system. While, with only several main models of universal care, the laws on implementing free healthcare in different places differ.

Hence, any coverage visitors and non-residents get is variable depending on the laws of the country.

In the UK for instance, any legal resident of the UK has health coverage. This implies that whether you are from wherever, you are eligible for health care.

Healthcare is provided to citizens through taxation; however, non-citizens who live and get care in the UK are required an annual Immigration Health Surcharge. However, tourists do not benefit from universal healthcare.

On the other hand, Brazil’s universal healthcare is supported by the government and can be accessed even by foreign visitors. Non-citizens can also access preventive care and emergency care while in the country, including persons on vacation.

Employers will have to learn about the people’s status in various countries for them to determine the nature of health benefits they have to present. For instance, while a few countries have introduced socialized medicine for their citizens, this may only occasionally benefit non-citizen residents.

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