Hong Kong Visa Most Common Mistakes Made when Applying

Hong Kong Visa: Most Common Mistakes Made when Applying

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Previously, we learned the details of how to obtain employment in Hong Kong. With a reputation of being an international city, Hong Kong has long attracted professionals from around the world. However, despite having a relatively liberal immigration policy, visa applicants often get rejected for multiple reasons.


What you will learn from this article:

1. Most Common Mistakes

2. Why should you hire a professional firm?

1. Most Common Mistakes

A frequent mistake made is that applicants will more often than not, fail to gather the necessary supporting documentation to support their application. Moreover, the Immigration Department will only give 2-3 weeks to submit the outstanding documents and information once an application has been filed. 


If an applicant has missed this deadline, the Immigration Department will close the case and the applicant will have to file a new application. 


For example, under the Entry for Investment scheme, it is required to submit a formal business plan demonstrating that a business will bring substantial positive impact on the Hong Kong economy. The details of a business plan must be comprehensive and answer all questions that the authorities may ask. Information regarding the capital investment, proposed business vehicles and planned location of the business office must be outlined. 


When applying under the above scheme, applicants will often fail to provide all details necessary, or may not even realize certain information is necessary. Loosely structured business plans that just meet the bare minimum requirements face a higher chance of rejection by reviewing authorities. 


Other common mistakes pertain to the sponsorship details of employment visas. Many individuals applying for a visa assume that by simply having an employer sponsor their visa application, they will be eligible to work in Hong Kong. However, visa applications will only be accepted if the employer is a recognized Hong Kong company.

2. Why should you hire a professional firm?

To the extent that a visa applicant finds that their application has been rejected, submission of subsequent applications will be comparatively more difficult. In other words, the highest likelihood of an application being accepted is the initial submission. 


If possible, engage a professional firm to assist you in your application. Professional firms such as the FastLane Group are experienced in handling various visa application procedures and can advise on how authorities will interpret your application.


In addition, as many applicants are often not in Hong Kong during the application process, a majority of individuals will complete their application procedures abroad. Professional firms like the FastLane Group can act as your local sponsor and submit your application on an applicant’s behalf. Subsequent actions such as liaising with authorities and handling any subsequent submissions can also be managed by a professional firm. Our next topic shall introduce how non-local graduates obtain working visas in Hong Kong


If you are unsure whether you meet the eligibility requirements for a visa or would like assistance in preparing and submitting an application, please contact the FastLane Group for assistance!

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