Obtaining A Dependant Visa In Hong Kong

Obtaining A Dependant Visa In Hong Kong

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Eligibility Standards For Hong Kong Dependant Visa

This article will cover the eligibility criteria, application process, processing time, and other issues regarding the Immigration Scheme for Dependent Visa in Hong Kong.

The Dependant Visa is similar to a relocation visa for the spouse and unmarried children (under 18 years old) of foreign nationals holding valid visas for employment, investment, training, and higher education in Hong Kong or permanent residents in Hong Kong.

A separate application needs to be filled out for each family member and should also be sponsored by the main visa holder.

The duration of stay of the dependant in Hong Kong is the same duration of the sponsor in Hong Kong. What this means is that the individual holding the Dependant Visa can live, work and study in Hong Kong for the exact duration of time, for which the principal visa holder is permitted to stay in Hong Kong.

Who Can Apply Dependent Visa?

The residency status of the sponsor may affect the following dependents who may be joining with him/her in Hong Kong.

Sponsor ResidencyDependants Eligible to Join
Hong Kong Permanent Resident or Resident with No Limit of Stay (Category A)Spouse, Unmarried children under 18 (including adopted), Parents over 60
Employment Visa (Professional), Investment Visa, Training Visa, Full-Time Student Visa (Local Institution), Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (Category B)Spouse, Unmarried children under 18 (including adopted)

In regards to a Dependant Visa application, the applicant must meet the following criteria: 

  • The relationship between the dependant (applicant) and the sponsor shall be bounded by reasonable grounds.
  • Applicant should not have any known records that affect his/her eligibility.
  • The sponsor has to show that they can at least substantially meet the basic expenses and accommodation of the dependants during the whole duration that they will be staying in Hong Kong.

With this list of categories, the arrangement applies, but the following categories are not included:

  • Residents of Mainland China except for the categories mentioned above (category B)
  • Mainland Chinese citizens living in Macau, gained residence through other ways, for example, One-way Permit Scheme.
  • The nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba, and Korea, respectively.
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Required Documents for Dependant Visa Application

Here is the list of the documents that need to be submitted by the applicants : 

  1. Completed Dependant Visa Application Form:
    • If the applicant is a child under 16, the form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  2. Integrated Dependant Section (if applicable):
    • If the sponsor is applying for a visa for employment, investment, training, or studies, a separate dependant visa form is not needed. The dependant’s information can be included in the sponsor’s visa application form.
  3. Passport Copies:
    • A copy of the personal details page of your passport.
    • If you are currently in Hong Kong, include a copy of the page showing your latest arrival stamp or extension of stay label.
    • Mainland Chinese residents without a travel document can submit a copy of their PRC resident identity card.
  4. Hong Kong Identity Card:
    • A copy of your Hong Kong identity card (if you have one).
  5. Macau Identity Card:
    • A copy of your Macau identity card (if you are a Macau resident).
  6. Taiwan Identity Documents:
    • A copy of your household registration and Taiwan identity card (if you are a Taiwan resident).
  7. Proof of Relationship with Sponsor:
    • Examples include marriage certificates, birth certificates, family photos, family letters, census records, and the Privilege Card for Single Child (if applicable).

Sponsors have to submit the following documents: 

  1. Copy of Sponsor’s Hong Kong Identity Card (if applicable):
    • Include a copy if the sponsor possesses a Hong Kong identity card.
  2. Copy of Sponsor’s Passport Personal Particulars Page:
    • Provide a copy of the page in the sponsor’s passport that contains their personal details.
    • If the sponsor is presently in Hong Kong, also include a copy of the page showing their latest arrival stamp or extension of stay label.
  3. Proof of Sponsor’s Financial Standing:
    • Submit evidence such as bank statements, savings account passbooks, tax receipts, and salary slips to demonstrate the sponsor’s financial situation.
  4. Proof of Sponsor’s Accommodation:
    • Include documents such as rental receipts to verify the sponsor’s accommodation arrangements.


In built-in applications, where the sponsor and the dependent are applying together at the same time, the sponsor may not be able to apply on behalf of the dependent (i.e. principal applicant) and provide the required documents such as payslips and rental receipts.

In this situation the sponsor of the principal applicant contributes through the signing of a document such as a copy of his/her employment contract, stating salary and benefits and or a document that shows that the principal applicant can support his/her dependants.

All relevant documents have to be either in English or Chinese or translated into English or Chinese by a certified translation body. The immigration authorities are given the right to demand further documents from the applicant or sponsor at any moment if it is considered necessary.

Dependant Visa Application Procedure And Timeline

  1. Prepare and Complete Documentation:
    • Both you and your sponsor gather and complete all necessary documentation.
  2. Submission of Documents:
    • Submit the application forms and supporting documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
    • If residing overseas, submit documents to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country.
    • For foreign passport holders living in Mainland China, submit documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Division in Beijing.
    • If using in-built applications, your sponsor submits the application along with their principal visa application form (employment, investment, training, or study).
  3. Processing Time:
    • The processing of your Dependant Visa Application typically takes around six weeks on average.
  4. Visa/Entry Permit Issuance:
    • If your application is successful, the Immigration Department will issue a Visa/Entry Permit label.
    • Your sponsor can collect it on your behalf and then post it to you, or it will be issued through the relevant Chinese diplomatic or consular mission, or the Immigration Division in Beijing.
  5. Receipt of Visa/Entry Permit Label:
    • Upon receiving the Visa/Entry Permit label, affix it to a blank visa page of your passport.
    • Present the labeled passport to the Immigration Officer upon arrival in Hong Kong (for non-Mainland residents).
  6. For Mainland Residents:
    • Upon receiving the Visa/Entry Permit label, obtain an Exit-entry Permit for traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macau (EEP) and a relevant exit endorsement from the Public Security Bureau office.
    • Affix the Entry Permit label onto a blank endorsement page of your EEP with the relevant exit endorsement.
    • Present the EEP to the Immigration Officer upon arrival in Hong Kong.

Renewing Dependant Visa

The applicant can file for renewal of the Dependent Visa by applying online at least four weeks before the expiration of the stay duration. Under this particular condition, your renewal application will be contemplated only if you will still be meeting the eligibility criteria for entry into Hong Kong as dependants and your sponsor is a bona fide resident of Hong Kong.

If the application process is complete, the extension of stay is being considered as well. 

  • The dependants of permanent residents of Hong Kong and the residents who are not subject to the limit of stay fall in this category. e. a resident having a status as a permanent resident, or being on unconditional stay, normally follows the pattern of 3-3 years for the spouse and the unmarried children who are below 18 years of age, and 2-2-3 years for the parents aged 60 years and above.
  • The dependants of a person who has been granted the right to enter Hong Kong for the purpose of employment or study, or who is an entrant under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, or the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, will be entitled to the same privileges as their sponsor.
Residency Status of SponsorDependantsVisa/Permit Duration Pattern
Hong Kong permanent residents or residents not subject to a limit of stay (right to land or unconditional stay)Spouse and unmarried dependant children under 18 years old3-3 years for spouse and children
Parents aged 60 or above2-2-3 years for parents aged 60 or above
Persons admitted to Hong Kong for employment, studies, Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, or Quality Migrant Admission SchemeDependants will be linked to the sponsor’s visa/permit durationFollows the duration of the sponsor’s visa/permit

Are Dependant Visa Holders Allowed To Work In Hong Kong?

  • In Hong Kong, the dependants of the following individuals can take up employment
    • Hong Kong permanent residents
    • Those people who are not subjected to a stay limit (i.e. residents that have a right in land or on an unconditional stay) 
    • Individuals who have been granted employment (professionals, investment to start or join in business, or training) 
    • Entrants who are eligible for the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme or the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.
  • Typically, the spouses and children of those who have been in Hong Kong as students are not allowed to take up employment in Hong Kong unless the case is particularly handled by the Director of Immigration.
  • Immigration dependents do not need to apply for separate Employment visas to work in Hong Kong.

Are Dependant Visa Holders Allowed To Study In Hong Kong?

Yes. Every non-local dependant can study in Hong Kong and no prior approval from the Director of Immigration is necessary. Students Dependent on a Visa holder can study in Hong Kong without having to apply for a separate student visa.

Hong Kong Permanent Residence

If you have been granted the Dependant Visa and you have lived in Hong Kong for at least 7 continuous years, You can apply for the Permanent Residence also known as “Right of Abode”, subject to the conditions if you have been granted the Dependants Visa and you have lived in Hong Kong for at least 7 continuous years.

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