Applying For The Hong Kong Maternity Leave Pay Scheme Reimbursement

Applying For The Hong Kong Maternity Leave Pay Scheme Reimbursement

As of December 11, 2020, the statutory maternity leave period which is stated in the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance (Cap 57) has been extended from 10 weeks to 14 weeks. Moreover, the authorities have pledged to pay back the employers for the expenses they incurred during this longer period of maternity leave. This extension is intended to be the source of additional support to new mothers in the workplace, whereas the reimbursement initiative will ease the financial burden of employers, thus they can follow the extended leave provision without facing the financial difficulties.

The Reimbursement of Maternity Leave Pay Scheme (the Scheme) is now available for the employers to apply. Employers can claim the reimbursement of the statutory maternity leave pay they have already paid to the employees for the extended 11th to 14th weeks of maternity leave. Though, there is a restriction of HK$80,000 per employee for this reimbursement. This project is designed to lessen the financial burden on employers while at the same time, the employees are getting the assistance that they need during their prolonged maternity leave period.

These are the requirements that need to be met for reimbursement : 

  1. The employee must be eligible for regular maternity leave and pay: Thus, they fulfill the employment conditions laid down by the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance.
  2. The employee must have used all 14 weeks of leave and been paid for them by you (the employer): The employee cannot apply for reimbursement unless he or she has taken the whole maternity leave.
  3. The employee must have given birth on or after December 11, 2020: The long leave and payment program is only applicable to the childbirth after this date.
  4. The additional 4 weeks of pay cannot be covered by other government programs: The reimbursement is the means to specifically deal with the extra leave that is required by the law.

You can submit applications conveniently through the Reimbursement Easy Portal at or via email (, fax (+852 2178 0328), or postal mail to the service center designated for the Scheme. For further information on the application process and the necessary supporting documents, please refer to

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