Hong Kong Visas Explained: Non-local Graduates

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As is common around the world, non-local university graduates are often attracted by the prospect of working abroad. Given Hong Kong’s vibrant culture and economy, it isn’t difficult to understand the appeal of the city.


As mentioned in our other articles, the Hong Kong government has various visa schemes, even one for non-local students. In this article, we look to explore how these individuals can utilize this specific visa scheme tailored to suit their needs.


What you will learn from this article:

1. Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (“IANG”)

2. Eligibility Requirements

3. Other considerations


1. Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (“IANG”)

IANG was introduced to encourage non-local graduates to stay and work as professionals in Hong Kong. Under the IANG, any non-local student who has obtained a degree or higher qualification from a full-time, locally accredited program in Hong Kong can apply to stay or return to work in Hong Kong. 


Each application under IANG will be assessed by the Hong Kong Immigration Department on a case-by-case basis in regards to the skills and knowledge needed for the job, complexity of the duties to be performed and so on. 


Successful applicants under IANG may be granted permission to work in Hong Kong for a period of 12 months on the condition that normal immigration requirements are met, regardless of the term of employment.


2. Eligibility Requirements

Persons who have entered Hong Kong for the purpose of education with a student visa / entry permit issued by Hong Kong’s Director of Immigration are eligible to apply – including individuals who have graduated from Hong Kong a long time ago. 


Overseas Chinese residents who hold a Chinese passport may apply to enter Hong Kong under the IANG if they meet the following conditions:


  • Has permanent resident overseas; or
  • Has been residing overseas (countries or territories outside of Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau) for at least one year immediately before the submission of the application


Applicants who cannot provide proof of graduation are not eligible to apply under IANG. However, to the extent that an applicant has graduated but has yet to receive their graduation certificate, that applicant may still apply when their institution provides confirmation of their graduation.


3. Other Considerations

Under IANG, there are no restrictions on the number of times a non-local graduate may apply for a visa. For example, a non-local graduate may have been admitted to work in Hong Kong under IANG and have subsequently left the city after completing their term of employment. That individual may subsequently return to Hong Kong under separate employment and re-apply for a visa under IANG.


Individuals admitted under IANG are free to seek new employment in Hong Kong during their permitted stay without seeking prior approval from Hong Kong’s immigration department.



If you are unsure whether you meet the eligibility requirements for a visa or would like assistance in applying, please contact the FastLane Group for assistance!