What Is SSM in Malaysia

What Is SSM in Malaysia?

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is a statutory body that was formed after the merger between ROC and ROB, which are the Registrar of Companies and the Registrar of Business respectively in Malaysia. SSM was founded on April 16, 2002, which regulates and administers companies and businesses of the country’s online registration services. Its main function is the formation of companies, registration of business concerns and provision of company and business information to the public.

As the main governmental authority that supports corporate governance, SSM is dedicated to ensuring compliance with business registration and corporate law. This is done through stringent enforcement and vigilance undertakings in which Malaysia’s corporate or business entities continue to grow towards positive development.

Why Register With SSM?

With a good reputation for being amiable and accommodating, Malaysia has successfully attracted many foreign investments throughout the years. As the World Bank’s 2018 Ease of Doing Business reported, this place was one of the easiest globally to run a business and that is why it makes the appeal for foreigners wanting to set up a company in Malaysia.

Registering a company with SSM online offers several advantages, including:

  • The business will be registered as a separate legal entity
  • It will increase the level of your customer’s confidence.
  • It also enables users to validate business information
  • Data provided on the business will help facilitate government in terms of supporting the development of any business community and prospect
  • Malaysia Payment Gateway will only receive applications from registered business entities that are lawful, such as eGHL, ipay88 and others.

Where is SSM Malaysia located?

The address for the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is as follows:

Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)

Menara SSM @ Sentral

No. 7, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,

Kuala Lumpur Sentral,

50623 Kuala Lumpur,


For other states office, refer ssm address

How to Open SSM in Malaysia?

The process of registering/register online your own company in Malaysia is quite easy. Because there are a couple of official forms to take note. These are the four steps to opening SSM in Malaysia.

Name your business

While registering a company in Malaysia, one can either do so as an individual under his or her personal name or trade the name. If you should decide on employing your personal name, it should be the same as your identification card. Personal-name-based businesses are not subject to the business name approval application requirement.

On the contrary, trade names as preferred business name have to be approved by ROB. Trade names include Plumber Damansara, ABC Enterprise, and Alex Consulting.

Register Your Business/Trade Name

Owners of companies who want to register their trade name would use Form PNA42 (Borang PNA42). This application form can either be downloaded from the link given or accessed on the SSM official portal.

On the form PNA42, when filling out you have to come up with at least three names for your business and only one name is approved per each company. There are important compliance procedures that the applicants should follow when acquiring a business name.

SSM company search further identifies principles for naming a business, which include appropriate language and spelling; avoidance of overly generic names; eschewing vulgar, insulting or misleading names; etc., as required in general by the Registration of Business Rules 1957.

Borang PNA 42

Complete Borang A (Registration Form A)

This form is one of the limited forms that need to be completed when registering a company with SSM. The specifics of Form A this form needs to have details like the business’s name, commencement date of the business; it’s main address, other branches or addresses (If any); information of owners and partners; type of activity carried out and copy document Partnership Agreement.

Borang A Page 1
Borang A Page 2

Attach Required Documents

In addition to Form PNA42 and Form A, there are also a few documents that owners of companies should prepare in order to submit along with these forms. This includes permit, license or support letter for the kind of business and approval or supporting letters from relevant organizations if requested by the Registrar of Business.

How to Print SSM Certificates?

SSM ezbiz can be used to print an SSM Certificate. Using the EzBiz website, you receive a free download of your SSM Certificate within fourteen days after renewing your business.

How to Renew SSM Malaysia?

Once your business registration number expires, there is no need for re-registration. Rather, all you have to do is renew the business license online. It is a time-consuming process as you do not need to visit the nearest SSM office, wait for your turn and fill out 3-4 pages of form. It could be done within a few minutes from the top of your finger.

How FastLane Group can Help?

FastLane Group provides a convenient and one-stop for company incorporation services in Malaysia as well as complete company secretary services. Whether you are a foreign entity or an indigenous entrepreneur doing business in oversea, we facilitate the entire process – from documentation to regulatory compliance. From the time of initial setup to ongoing support, FastLane Group is your reliable partner for effective corporate solutions that give you a chance to focus on achieving business goals.

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