Most Efficient Hong Kong Work Visa Application 2022

Most Efficient Hong Kong Work Visa Application 2022

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Hong Kong is one of the most desirable places to live and work globally. The territory provides entrepreneurs and employees with excellent career prospects and is known for paying high-skilled labour very well. With the city well on its way to becoming one of Asia’s biggest FinTech hubs, careers in education, trade, finance and technology offer the most potential for growth.


Aside from prospects of career growth and increased income, living and working in the city on a Hong Kong work visa has many benefits. Hong Kong is a melting pot of diverse cultures, with a vast ex-pat community. As a highly globalised Asian city, the city has struck the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.


The dynamic city is engulfed by tropical mountains, beaches and harbours, providing an aesthetically beautiful living space for high-energy individuals. Not to mention, the entire city is incredibly efficient and safe. For an overview of the various available migration schemes, please refer to Overview of Hong Kong Visa Schemes.


What you will learn:

1. Common types of work visas in Hong Kong

2. What do you need to apply for Hong Kong work visa in 2022

3. How to obtain a Hong Kong work visa in 2022

4. Key Takeaway

Common types of work visas in Hong Kong

For a foreign national to work in Hong Kong, they must present a work visa to the Immigration Department. This rule strictly applies to anyone without a Hong Kong passport, Right of Adobe, Right to Land or an Unconditional Stay in Hong Kong.


There is a range of different types of Hong Kong work visas available:


  • Work visa under the General Employment Policy (GEP) – The most common visa to apply for; these visas are granted to employees with a confirmed job offer and an employer sponsor for a specific period of time. This policy welcomes employees of all industries and does not have any quotas.
  • Science and Technology Talent Admission Scheme – Professionals who specialise in specific technological industries such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, network security and data analysis, microelectronics and finance and technology (FinTech) are in high demand in the city. In order to bring in experts for research and development roles, eligible companies must comply with and be granted quotas by the Innovation and Technology Commission.
  • One-year training visa – Workers looking to learn a new skill and live and work in Hong Kong for up to one year may apply for a training visa.
  • Non-local graduate visa – Any non-local graduates of Hong Kong universities and institutions may apply to stay in the city for up to one year after their studies to search for employment.


What do you need to apply for a Hong Kong work visa in 2022?

While there is a demand for FinTech and teaching professionals in Hong Kong, the city upholds strict policies and demands when it comes to granting work visas. When applying for a visa under the GEP, an applicant and sponsoring company will need to provide evidence of the following:


  • A graduate degree or qualification
  • A formal job offer relevant to the applicant’s education and work experience
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • The sponsoring company should have financial stability and an established office in the city
  • Agreed upon salary appropriate to local market level
  • Proof from the sponsoring company that the position could not be filled by a local

Most Efficient Hong Kong Work Visa Application | Visa | FastLane

How to obtain a Hong Kong work visa in 2022

Like most work permit applications, the Hong Kong work visa process can be overwhelming. Whether you’re an individual with a job offer in the city or a Hong Kong-based company looking to recruit a global employee, your best bet would be to contact an HR outsourcing company.


Outsourced HR companies will oversee the process from start to finish, providing applicants with real-time updates on the status of their visa application and Hong Kong work visa processing time.


1. Consultation

The first step to the Hong Kong work visa application process is understanding the different types of visas and choosing which is most suitable for you or your company. For ease of mind, HR consultancy firms like FastLane HR exist to assist you with this process.


You will receive a consultation session with a skilled visa professional, who will gather the information they need about your job offer and nationality and propose a way forward.


Once we determine a client to qualify for a Hong Kong work visa, considering the requirements mentioned above, we will decide which type of visa to apply for.


2. Application form and documentation

Once we have confirmed the type of visa you will be applying for, the client will need to sign off on the Hong Kong work visa process and letter of engagement, allowing us to move forward with the application.


Our expert team will then create a personalised documentation checklist for the Hong Kong work visa application, assisting clients with completing the necessary immigration forms, drafts and letters.


Once we have reviewed the documentation to ensure it is completed correctly, we will submit your application forms and documents, along with the appropriate visa fee, to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.


3. Liaise with Hong Kong immigration department

While the Hong Kong Immigration Department processes your application documents, our team of professionals will liaise with them on your behalf. We will ensure the department has all the information and documentation to process your visa while responding to any notifications and queries they may have regarding the application.


If any issues arise, they will be dealt with swiftly and professionally on behalf of the client. Regular follow-ups will ensure the client is always in the know about the application status.


4. Visa delivery

Generally speaking, Hong Kong work visa processing time takes between four to eight weeks, from submission to delivery. On successfully completing your visa, our service will collect the visa from the Hong Kong Immigration Department and deliver it directly to the client. Most visas will be granted for two years, during which time you will be able to apply for a resident identity card.


Applicants should also consider that these visas are only valid for a certain amount of time and need to be extended before they expire. Applicants should apply for a visa extension at least one month before the visa is due to expire.



Key Takeaway

In a globalised world, recruiting an international workforce is a sure way to expand your business’s reach and development. Whether you’re an individual looking to take up work in the Asian superhub of Hong Kong or are a company bringing in global talent, Hong Kong is an attractive option for many industry professionals.


However, applying and processing work visas is not a simple task to undertake alone and is best managed with the help of a professional visa processing company. Outsourcing the assistance of a visa processing service such as that offered by FastLane will ensure all your necessary documents are submitted on time for your Hong Kong work visa application, assuring you have the best chance of receiving your visa.

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