FastLane Joins HSBC VisionGo To Support Hong Kong’s SME’s

FastLane Joins HSBC VisionGo To Support Hong Kong’s SME’s

On 31 March 2020, HSBC unveiled their new digital community platform, HSBC VisionGo (“VisionGo”). VisionGo was designed with Hong Kong SME’s in mind and seeks to create a knowledge sharing environment to provide entrepreneurs with timely business insights. FastLane is delighted to join this new community and we are excited to contribute by sharing our knowledge and experience and please check us out here.


What you will learn from this article:

1. What Is HSBC VisionGo?

2. How HSBC VisionGo Will Benefit SME’s

2.1 Access to insights from entrepreneurs and industry professionals
2.2 Events and Seminars
2.3 Network With Like-Minded Peers

3. Upcoming FastLane Event With VisionGo



1. What Is HSBC VisionGo?

VisionGo is a new digital community platform founded by HSBC. It looks to support the development of Hong Kong’s SME’s and entrepreneurs. Using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, VisionGo will curate relevant SME related content based on users preferences and reading history. It will also host events to provide various professional insight and practical knowledge to its members.

2. How HSBC VisionGo Will Benefit SME’s

The SME community is key to the prosperity and continued development of Hong Kong’s economy – therefore it is imperative to provide these companies with the support necessary for them to succeed. VisionGo will assist SME’s in the following ways: 


2.1. Access to insights from entrepreneurs and industry professionals

Members of VisionGo will have access to a growing database of resources across a wide spectrum of business related topics. Entrepreneurs and industry professionals have so far produced nearly 500 original articles and you can expect more to come! So far, articles include content related to current events such as how companies are responding to COVID-19 and how to take advantage of the Hong Kong Government’s various funding schemes for SME’s


2.2. Events and Seminars

Events and seminars are the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to learn from their industry best and gather inspiration for their work. The current need for social-distancing has not affected VisionGo’s ability to facilitate such events. Members of VisionGo will be able to register for free webinars and Zoom tutorials to learn about a variety of topics such as how to obtain Hong Kong Government Financing.


2.3. Network With Like-Minded Peers

Networking is an essential part in an entrepreneurs journey. Meeting like-minded individuals in the same industry are great sources for interesting partnerships, collaborations and opportunities.  VisionGo connects SME’s and helps them explore such opportunities. The networking extends past HSBC connecting parties with each other though, HSBC will also participate in these events to provide their own insights on how to properly optimise and scale your business.


3. Upcoming FastLane Event with VisionGo

The FastLane Group are business builders and we have extensive experience helping Hong Kong SME’s. We believe that as a result of our experience, we have a responsibility to help the SME community in whatever way we can. VisionGo allows us to do that in a greater capacity. We will be contributing articles to provide insights and will also be participating in the upcoming VisionGo Webinar on 22 April – where we will be discussing how e-Commerce sellers can ride the Southeast Asian digital wave and how to leverage SME financing schemes 


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