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08 Hiring Guidelines in Hong Kong`

Hiring Guidelines in Hong Kong

This guide provides employers with an overview of the key hiring guidelines in Hong Kong, covering topics such as negotiation culture, contracts, etc.

Hong Kong MPF Contribution Rules and Regulations

Previously, we introduced the Things you need to know for filing Employers Return in Hong Kong. Mandatory Provident Funds (“MPF”) are compulsory retirement schemes / pension funds that are created by the Hong Kong government and are provided by approved private organizations. MPFs are a key aspect in the management of a Hong Kong company … Read more

8 Tips on Managing Your Payroll Effectively

What is Payroll? Payroll is the procedure of paying staff so that the employer must handle payroll on a regular basis to verify that employees are paid. The process consists of calculating the employees’ earnings and excluding deductions like taxes. Payroll might be a difficult subject but knowing each component of payroll can help you … Read more

Employee Hiring Tips for Hong Kong Employers

Building the right team composed of the most qualified individuals is among the most important and challenging aspects when growing a business. As many entrepreneurs and small business owners are often preoccupied with revenue driving activities, it can be difficult for them to effectively balance their ongoing work responsibilities with hiring new employees.   As … Read more

Hong Kong Maternity Leave

On 9 July 2020, the Hong Kong Legislative Council passed the Employment Amendment Ordinance 2020 bill (the “Bill”). This Bill increases the statutory maternity leave for Hong Kong employees from 10 weeks to 14 weeks. In this article, we look to provide insight as to how this new Bill will impact Hong Kong employers going … Read more