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What Is The Hong Kong Business Registration Fee?

Any business owner who wishes to do business in Hong Kong is required by law to register their incorporation with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Hong Kong. This business registration allows for businesses to operate with the legal rights, benefits, and obligations that come with operating in Hong Kong. To ensure that your business remains … Read more

What Is An Interim Report?

Business entities that operate in Hong Kong – specifically those who are listed and shared on major Hong Kong indexes – may be required to file and publish an Interim Report. Interim Reports are financial snapshots that are compiled to present information related to the health and financial stability of a company at regular intervals … Read more

Guide to Hong Kong Annual Return (NAR1)

To ensure the companies in Hong Kong are compliant with their obligations, they must adhere to annual filing requirements, specifically the submission of their Annual Returns. While addressing your Annual Returns is not difficult, special attention must be given to avoid any submission deadlines and the fines / penalties associated with them.   In this … Read more

Top 5 Key Company Director Duties and Responsibilities

Introduction Company directors are an essential part of Hong Kong companies and according to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, it is a position that must be occupied. While the details surrounding the appointment of a business director and the requirements associated with this position are well documented, the responsibilities are not often highlighted. In this … Read more

Tips For Your Registered Office Address in Hong Kong

One of the requirements of the Hong Kong company formation process is to determine a company registered office address. This requirement is frequently acknowledged but rarely discussed. In this article, we look to provide guidance on how to select an appropriate Hong Kong registered office address.   What You Will Learn In This Article 1. … Read more

Top Tips for Opening a Hong Kong Business Bank Account

Hong Kong has long been recognized as one of the best places to do business. The city has an extremely business friendly outlook, especially when comparing the laws and regulations governing Hong Kong companies with those of other international cities. Given the city’s strengths, company registration in Hong Kong has been very popular. As opening … Read more