How Can I Change The Registry Office Address of My Hong Kong Business

How Can I Change The Registry Office Address of My Hong Kong Business?

Have you been running a business in Hong Kong for just a few years? Does the rental of your current active address getting higher? Or have you been thinking of not having multiple companies that have a separate registered address? If so, you could consider moving your company’s registered office. 

Reporting your new business address to the relevant authority within 15 days to avoid expensive fines is extremely important. Besides, changing one’s company address is a more thorough process with some details to pay attention to. In this article, we are going to outline this process and what you should know about it.

What is Registered Address?

A registered address is a location where the company can receive the official correspondence from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government. At any moment, the Government may initiate an on-site inspection if necessary.

It must have to be a commercial address. Residential addresses or P.O. Box addresses are not permitted. As per Section 658 of The Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, every company must hold a registered office within Hong Kong after its establishment.

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Registered Office Address and Business Office Address

A registered office address is not the place where your business is being conducted as opposed to a business office address which is the place through which business is conducted. For instance, it can be implemented in a business setting, i.e., a factory.

The following process of setting up a company is to apply for a Business Registration Certificate at the Inland Revenue Department, and it will then display on the site you operate the company.

Mr Lee owns a warehouse in Kowloon where he does most of his daily business, including meeting customers and sending bills. This will be the business address but the registered office is in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

The registered addresses are maintained by the Companies Registry whereas the business addresses are managed by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). For every new office, the same company name would be displayed along with the branch registration certificate.

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What is The Process to Change The Registered Address?

To change your registered address, your company should notify the change to Companies Registry via e-Registry platform, which will notify the Business Registration Office to provide the new Business Registration Certificate (BRC) to the company.

To Change the company address details (like changes in address, business name, nature of the business), the company should notify the Business Registration Office to request a new revised branch registration certificate for the business.

Changing Multiple Companies’ Company Registry Addresses to a Single Registered Office Address

Well, let’s take business owners who switch the registered office addresses of their multiple companies to one registered office address for example. The process is simple. You can provide the information about the new addresses of your 10 or fewer companies in one notification in the NR1 e-form at the e-Registry at one time.

When should you notify the local authorities?

Inform the Companies Registry within 15 days after your registered address has changed. If you forget to report on the change the address that you have made, you are committing an offence of a serious degree. According to Section 658(5) of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622), failure by the company and its responsible individuals to report a change of address constitutes an offense. This could result in a level 5 fine, with the court having the authority to impose fines of up to HK$50,000. Additionally, a further fine of $1000 per day may be imposed for each day the offense persists.

The Government of Hong Kong SAR sends out Statistical Department and Inland Revenue letters to companies each year. Just the registered address of your company is the only detail the government has to send you official notices like tax returns from the Inland Revenue Department, or surveys from the Census and Statistics Departments, therefore it is a company owner’s responsibility to keep the correct address and reply to these documents.

Which Documents Are Required for Submission?

You can either do eRegistry online by NR1 e-form or go to the Companies Registry and provide a hard copy Form NR1 with inked electronic signature. The NR1 form is illustrated below:

Form NR1

If you intend to submit a written notification or an original signed NR1 form, you will be required to furnish the following:

  • Company numberCompany nameThe updated registered address and the effective date of the changePresentor’s Reference

A Checklist for Changing Your Registered Address

There are measures to be taken after you’ve applied to change your registered address. These are the actions that must be taken: 

  1. Tell your clients and customers
  2. Please notify your banks and insurance companies.
  3. Inform your suppliers, as well as service providers, vendors, and government agencies.
  4. Make sure to change your company’s address on the website as well as other correspondence.
  5. Ensure the new company address is on all business material such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards invoice letterheads, etc.
  6. Place a temporary notice on the door of the new office if the new company signboard is still under construction.

This is to ensure that all your company’s mail correspondence can reach your new address and that all your stakeholders are aware of this change.

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