How small businesses perfect cashflow management

How small businesses perfect cashflow management

Recently, Xero conducted an interview with Trent Innes, Xero Australia & Asia’s Managing Director. Trent discussed common pain points encountered for small business owners and how the utilization of Xero can assist on the various issues encountered. Trent particularly emphasized the importance of a successful cashflow management system as, “cash flow is the number one thing you need to be across”. Irrespective of the business nature or company structure, proper cashflow management is essential to the success of one’s business.

In hopes of helping small businesses develop and flourish, Trent Innes further provides cashflow management advice aimed specifically towards SME’s and Start-ups. In addition to the topic of cashflow, Trent outlines Xero’s utilization of a design oriented approach, his predictions on innovation, AI machine learning, and the burden of compliance.

With our emphasis on providing excellent accounting and advisory services to SME’s, the FastLane Group fully understands the common business issues encountered by the SME community. To better service our clients and to foster a supportive SME ecosystem, FastLane has recently launched our Startup Academy to address common issues such as the above. On 19 September 2019, we will discuss practical advice on how to avoid common cashflow mistakes, explore the use of Xero – our online accounting platform – and provide insightful financial information to for business owners to better understand and manage cashflow. We cordially invite you all to attend!


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The one piece of advice Xero’s Trent Innes gives small business owners to ensure they survive