Guide For Taiwanese Company Incorporation in Malaysia

Guide For Taiwanese Company Incorporation in Malaysia

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Company Incorporation

It would not be an overstatement to say that there has been a remarkable increase in Taiwan’s investment into Malaysian economy and it is expected to surge up to nearly $400 million by 2023. This brings emphasis to the importance of collaboration between the two sides, therefore. Many investors from Taiwan are interested in taking advantage of Malaysia’s technology sector, particularly within Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Why Malaysia?

1. Gateway to ASEAN Markets

Malaysia’s stable situation is acting like a gateway for Taiwanese firms seeking expansion for the larger ASEAN markets. Communication in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Chinese improves Malaysia as a regional hub for Taiwanese companies.

2. Strategic Entry Point

Taiwanese companies see Malaysia as an important partner, most notably in the high tech environment. It is the preferred location for entry into Southeast Asia and is strategically sound since the country offers a stable political, social, and economic context.

3. Support for EV Industry

Taiwanese companies interested in Malaysia’s electric vehicle industry seek collaboration to offer their supply chain, charging facility expertise, and integration service. The Malaysian government’s proactive initiatives, strategic location for streamlined supply chains, increasing interest of consumers in EVs, and opportunities for collaboration in charging infrastructure create an attractive situation. Taiwanese companies will greatly influence the development of a new dynamic but eco-friendly mobility structure for Malaysia.

4. Robust Semiconductor Industry

The changing semiconductor supply chain oriented towards Penang, which Malaysia is adopting, complements Taiwan’s excellence in semiconductor and high-tech fields. As a result, this synergy provides an amicable environment for the Taiwanese investments and collaborations.

Guide For Taiwanese Company Incorporation in Malaysia

FastLane Guide: Steps for Taiwanese Businesses Setting Up in Malaysia with HR and Payroll Services

Going into business in Malaysia company incorporation, as part of an expansion strategy for these Taiwanese businesses in the ASEAN market place is a step in the right direction. FastLane Group offers an end to end solution of how Taiwanese businesses can smoothly set up their businesses in Malaysia together with HR and payroll services.

Step 1: Market Research and Business Planning

It is prudent for a company to undertake extensive research and analysis of the local market before embarking on the set up. Prepare a detailed business plan that covers your objectives, target market and expansion plans in Malaysia.

Step 2: Consultation with FastLane Group

Initiate a consultation with FastLane Group to discuss your business goals and receive personalized guidance. Our experts will provide insights into regulatory requirements, industry trends, and tailor a strategy to align your business with Malaysian market dynamics.

Step 3: Legal and Regulatory Compliance

FastLane Group will help navigate the legal and regulatory landscape. Ensure that your business structure meets the required Malaysian Laws, approved and licensed. They will take care of all things documentation, submissions, etc., which will be one less thing to do for you. Learn more about nominee directors from our previous article, Understanding Nominee Directors and Shareholders in Malaysia.

Step 4: Company Incorporation

Establish a business structure (such as a private limited company), register the business name, and complete the relevant documentation. FastLane ensures that a company complies with the companies’ act and all other applicable regulations.

Step 5: Company Secretary Services

Dedicated group carefully monitors compliance with corporate governance procedures and keeps current statutory corporate records. Essentially, this crucial undertaking sets the stage for efficient and completely compliant business activities.

Step 6: Visa Assistance

FastLane Group helps obtain your director and employees visas. Lean on us for hassle-free work permit and visa procedures. Our specialists make sure that your employees adapt well to Malaysia and concentrate on their contributions to your expanding business. To learn more about Malaysia Employment Pass (EP), read A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining an Employment Pass in Malaysia

Step 7: HR and Payroll Setup

We handle the setup of HR and payroll systems, including drafting employment contracts, devising payroll procedures, and ensuring compliance with Malaysian labor laws and tax regulations. Simplify the human resource process for your international company using clouds and advanced systems that will help to reduce errors. Manage your workforce efficiently in order to focus on the core activities through FastLane Global.

Step 8: Banking and Financial Setup

FastLane Group will give you a lead for starting a business account in Malaysia. It is an important step in financial transactions, payroll, and general financial management. We make sure that you follow banking rules and guide you on the best banking partner.

Step 9: Accounting, Audit, and Tax Services

Our professional accounting, auditing and tax compliance with Malaysian tax law requirements. We have a skilled team who maintain close observation on the activities and also prepare accurate financial statements that show confidence in management for making sound judgment. Your finances will be well-taken care of as you have our expertise. Read here SST 8% and Its Implications for Accounting and Tax Filing in Malaysia 2024.

Step 10: Local Talent Acquisition and HR Compliance

FastLane Group can assist you with recruitment and human resource compliance in case you decide to expand your team in Malaysia. We guide in the process of complying with the local labor laws, drafting employment contracts and making sure that you are in line with the Malaysian rules.

Step 11: Integration and Ongoing Support

FastLane group supports a seamless transition in the Malaysian market. Our experts are ever there for you, from solving operational problems to adapting to the dynamics of a local market toward the success of your startup in the long run.

Working together with FastLane Group, Taiwan businesses can confidently go through the complex process of starting business in Malaysia and even develop proper personnel and payroll operations. The process we use is simple and allows your company to easily enter the bustling ASEAN market. Make FastLane Group your reliable companion as you unleash the maximum potential out of your trade in Malaysia.


Fastlan’s Group has emerged as the preferred service provider for the Taiwanese companies while forging strong business relations with Taiwan and Malaysia together. FastLane has the needed advisory and consultancy in case anybody is venturing into the electric vehicle market, joining the semiconductor sector, or expanding to the ASEAN markets.

In the changing field of international trade, the cooperation of Taiwanese firms with the FastLane group reflects imagination, flexibility, and endurance. In combination, they set foot for a prosperous Malaysia and open up new horizons for the development of both countries as well as contribute to the dynamic partnership of ASEAN. Choose for FastLane Group as your partner in realizing the full potential of your business in Malaysia, a destination for limitless opportunities.