Business registration number in Malaysia

Business registration number in Malaysia

When businesses are incorporated in Malaysia they receive a distinct registration number from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). This number follows a company throughout its entire existence and is necessary for all official matters and transactions. So let’s take a closer look at this registration number.

What is the business registration number in Malaysia?

The business registration number comprises a distinct set of numbers used to identify a company, prominently featured on its certificate of incorporation. This number serves as verification for various company-related affairs. It’s acquired through the registration process with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (known as CCM or SSM in Malay), validating the company’s legal registration in Malaysia.

How to obtain the business registration number?

To get the business registration number, you have to first register the company with SSM.

The steps to register a company are as follows:

Choosing a business structure and reserving a company name

In Malaysia, there are seven primary business structures available:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Private limited company
  • Public limited company
  • Branch office
  • Representative office

After you choose an entity, the next step is choosing a company name. The name needs to be checked by the SSM-if it is already in use or too similar to an existing one, then you have to come up with something else. After the initial verification, you can apply for reservation of the name with the SSM. After approval, the name will be reserved for your use.

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Registration with the SSM

Within 30 calendar days after the approval of a company name, it is necessary to register with the SSM.

The necessary documents for company registration comprise:

  • Constitution (optional)
  • Declaration by a director or promoter before appointment
  • Declaration of compliance

When submitted, the suitable authorities will examine the application. After approval the SSM will send an email to the address you provided containing your registration date and business registration number. Then the Certificate of Incorporation (Section 17) will be available for sale.

New business registration number format

Starting from 11 October 2019, a new number format for the business registration was applied. This new format is applicable to business entities registering with SSM.

The purpose of changing the format is to eliminate registration number formats generated by the system.

The new number format includes 12 numbers. Entities registering on or after 11 October will receive both the new and old number formats.

An example of how the registration number will be displayed on the registration certificate is:

Registration Certificate

The new registration number is made up of three parts which consist of:

First 4 DigitsYear of Registration
Next 2 DigitsType of Business Entity
01 – Local company
02 – Foreign company
03 – Business
04 – Local Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
05 – Foreign LLP
06 – LLP for professional practice
Last 6 DigitsRegistration Number Sequence
Registration Number

How do existing companies change the business registration number?

New business registration numbers can be checked and obtained through the SSM’s portal such as the e-Search, e-info and MyData services.


A company’s business registration number is the main identification and verification. Thereby, legally speaking, a company has been incorporated through this act of incorporation. All companies now follow a new number format instead of the old one. If you are thinking of incorporating a company in Malaysia or if the issue is about the registration number, contact FastLane Group today for expert advice and smooth implementation.

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