Requirements For Registered Office Addresses In Hong Kong

Requirements For Registered Office Addresses In Hong Kong

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A company needs a local office in Hong Kong to operate, which serves the purpose of formal correspondence as well as to receive government documents. There are a number of regulations you need to comply with. And the outline below gives you what you need to know to abide by the law and avoid any penalties.

What is Registered Office In Hong Kong And Its Importance?

The registered office address in Hong Kong for all business entities has to be the company’s physical office as this is where all official communications and documents from the government will be sent.

The address should be the street address either home or office and cannot be a P.O box. The registered company’s office should not be located outside of Hong Kong. Apart from company documents like court documents, letters from Companies Registry and the Inland Revenue Department will be posted to the registered office.

Regarding the location in Hong Kong, the companies registered also need to have the company name and the company’s legal status in legible characters at the registered office, department, and every other business address.

The company name must be displayed conspicuously; so it can easily be seen by visitors who call the head office or place of business. Upon carrying out their inspections, Companies Registry officers often take visits to the address of the registered office to make sure the requirements are supported.

Procedure for Changing Registered Office Address

If you had a change of your business registered address in Hong Kong, you should notify the Office of Business Registration in writing within a month of the address change. The notice must include:

  • The business registration number of the Hong Kong company.
  • The name of the business.
  • Both the previous and updated business addresses.
  • The date when the change occurred.

Furthermore, you must complete the IRC 3111A form. In addition to that, there is possibility that you will be required to present your address proof. Such can be a copy of tenancy agreement or recent utility bill.

The Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department established an e-Registry one-stop notification service. It is a platform where companies, notifying the Registry of the change of address of their registered office, can request the Registry to inform the Inland Revenue Department on the company’s behalf that the office address updated under the Business Registration Ordinance is the new registered office address as of the designated date in e-Form NR1.

More over, CR eFiling Mobile application will also be used to provide this service. The Hong Kong Tax Department will forward the revised Business Registration Certificates to the mailboxes of the applicants from the next working day after the e-Form NR1 has been submitted.

Required Documents for Changing Registered Office Address

Here are several documents you may need to prepare when changing the registered office address:

  • Board Resolution: It is an internal document which all directors sign in order to demonstrate their commitment to the changed address.
  • Form NR1: The Notice About Change of Address of Registered Office that I am serving here should be filed with the Companies Registry to officially update the registered office address.
  • Form IRC3111A: This deal will be made through a document called the Notification of Change of Business Address, which has to be filed with the Inland Revenue Department to ensure that it is notified about the change of business address.
  • Bank Forms: It could be required to inform the bank concerning the alteration of the registered office address for the sake of preventing the bank statements or correspondence from going to the old address.
  • POS 800 Form: Please complete this Redirection of Mail Service Form that will be used for redirecting vital documents to the new registered office address. The recipient in this case is expected to submit this form in person at the post office office or post it directly to ensure that the redirection of mail takes place.

Steps for Changing the Registered Office Address

  1. The organisation should get its board’s approval before changing the address of its registered office.
  2. You will be required to file a notice of change with the Companies Registry within the next 14 days and also the Business Registration Office within the next one month.
  3. Additionally, it’s important to complete the following steps:
    • Inform Customers and Clients: Let your customers and clients know about your address change to keep the communication channels open and continue to provide the best possible service.
    • Update Banks and Insurance Providers: Make sure your bank and insurance providers are aware of the change of registered office address with the aim of avoiding any disruptions or loss of correspondence.
    • Notify Government Agencies, Suppliers, Service Providers, and Vendors: Inform the pertinent government bureaus, suppliers, service providers, and vendors about the change of address to make sure the records are up to date and negotiation maintains.
    • Revise Company Stationery: Re-design all the stationary of the company which includes envelopes, letterheads, and business cards. Make sure that it reflects the updated address and branding.
    • Revamp Company Website: Change the company website address to the new one, so that the information on it is all correct and visitors and clients can easily get to it without confusion and poor accessibility.

Penalties and Fines for Non-Compliance of Registered Office

In accordance with the Companies Ordinance Section 658, if a company has no registered office in Hong Kong or does not notify the Registrar of an office address change, it may face a level 5 fine.

Virtual Offices as Registered Office

The concept of a virtual office is that it is a physical address that can be registered as the official office address, but this office does not have to be where the business runs.

Such offices are more applicable to small size firms and new companies. One of the benefit of virtual office is that is costs lower, is flexible and helps to create professional image. FastLane Group can provide this service to yours.

How Can FastLane Help You?

FastLane, our dedicated team, is committed to offering the best support you can have in your business operations in Hong Kong. Our services include the provision of support in the process of setting up and managing registered office address, which will be fully compliant with the legal regulations and communication with the government agencies. Let Fastlane’s company secretary take care of all your registered office requirements while you concentrate on building your business with confidence.

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