Getting Dependant Visa In Hong Kong

Getting Dependant Visa In Hong Kong

If you are considering relocating to Hong Kong and wish to have your immediate family come with you, the first thing you should know is that they will need to obtain a dependant visa to join you. On the positive side, the immigration department where we provide assistance with, handles, and oversees the process of the family visas’ application submission, and we make sure that your family’s visa applications are handled and processed quickly, accurately, and with utmost attention to detail. With our understanding of the visa application process and its complexities, we help you through each step which becomes an easy journey. This way, you can have time to plan and prepare for your move to Hong Kong with calmness of mind. FastLane can assist you in obtaining a dependant visa with ease and speed.

What Is A Dependant Visa in Hong Kong?

The dependant visas are a category of visas that allow the family members of foreign nationals (sponsors) who hold an employment or investment visa or who are permanent residents in Hong Kong to move to Hong Kong with them. Hong Kong’s Dependant Visa Policy acts as a bridge, and it is for people with their families in the city that already have settled roots in the city to reunite with their closest relatives. This category of the relocation visa is meant to be used by a spouse or a child who is unmarried and under the age of 18 of the individuals holding a valid employment of investment visa, or who already have secured permanent residency status.

Eligibility Criteria

Who Is Eligible For A Dependant Visa

The family members eligibility for the dependant visa could vary based on the residency status of the sponsor. This implies that the specific categories of individuals who are qualified to accompany the sponsor to Hong Kong can vary depending whether the sponsor is on an employment or investment visa, or holds a permanent residency in Hong Kong.

Resident Status

The sponsors who are entitled to be the permanent residents of Hong Kong or have no restrictions on their stay have been granted the opportunity to invite all their dependent family members to accompany them in Hong Kong which is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Let’s delve deeper into the eligibility criteria for these dependants: Let’s delve deeper into the eligibility criteria for these dependants:

  • Spouse 
  • Children under 18 years old 
  • Parents aged 60 years or older 

Employment Or Investment Status

For sponsors who are in Hong Kong for work, whether they are professionals, investors who are setting up or joining businesses, or individuals undergoing training, there is a special provision that allows certain dependents to also reside in Hong Kong with them. Let’s explore in detail the eligible dependants under this category:

  • Spouse 
  • Children under 18 years old 

An application for the admission of a dependant to Hong Kong may receive favorable consideration under the following circumstances:

  • Evidence of Genuine Relationship: The evidence provided by the application is enough to show a genuine relationship between the applicant and the sponsor. This generally means that one will be required to submit the relevant legal documents showing that there is a dependant such as a spouse or a child and also that they are related to the sponsor.
  • Clean Background Check: The applicant has a good conduct record to her name. It can be interpreted as the fact that the dependant has no criminal record and non-adverse immigration history and therefore does not pose any security hazard or risk to Hong Kong.
  • Financial Support and Suitable Accommodation: The sponsor is capable of going through the process of proving that the dependent could stay in Hong Kong with an appropriate residence. The dependant may have to furnish proof of sufficient financial resources like bank statements or employment contracts, along with documentation showing housing availability in Hong Kong that meets the dependant’s requirements.

Application Documents And Application Timeline

Required Documents For The Application? 

  • Submission of a duly completed Application Form ID 990A, with Part B filled out by the dependant.
  • A recent photograph of the dependant should be attached to page two of Application Form ID 990A.
  • Provision of documentation evidencing the relationship between the applicant and the dependant, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, family photographs, correspondence, census record book, and Privilege Card for Single Child (if applicable).
  • Presentation of a photocopy of the dependant’s Macao identity card (for Macao SAR residents only).
  • Furnishing of a photocopy of the dependant’s household registration in Taiwan and Taiwan identity card (for Taiwan residents only).
  • Submission of a photocopy of the dependant’s passport.

The term of stay for dependents is generally subject to that of their sponsors, and any extension request shall only be approved if the applicant still meets the requirement for a dependant visa and the sponsor continues to reside or engage in employment or investment in Hong Kong. There is no restriction on dependents to take up employment or studies while they are here.

It normally takes about six weeks (starting from the date of receipt of the all the documents) for a visa/entry permit application for residence as a dependant to be processed.

How FastLane Group Can Help?

Applying for a visa as a foreigner in Hong Kong can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With Visa service from FastLane Group, you can apply for any kind of visa including dependant visa in Hong Kong with ease. Our experienced team will guide you through the Hong Kong Work Visa Requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process. Talk to us now to find out more about how we can support you.