Example Of Follow-Up Email After Interview

Example Of Follow Up Email After Interview

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Follow-Up Email After Interview Template

Generally, there are three different kinds of e-mails that may be sent after the interview. Ideally, you’ll only need to send one email: a polite letter that reiterates gratitude for the interviewer’s time and states the applicant’s continued interest in the job.

However, if one or several weeks pass without a response from the employer, it might be a good idea to send a second follow-up email with the question of the current status of the application. Lastly, you can also write to the hiring manager to inform him or her that although you did not get the job, you would like to remain connected with him or her in case of any other position in the future. This is also a good chance to collect some contacts for the future interviews and gain some experience in the field. 

It is also important to note that while there are general rules for the format of each type of email, there can be variation depending on the specific context.

Follow-Up Thank You Email

In your follow-up email after the interview, find out ways to describe how you can match your skills with the position. Simply look at the interview notes and the description of the job to identify the specific words that will appeal to the hiring manager. Often, there are certain things that you would have intended to mention when you were interviewed but for some reason, you did not mention them or maybe there is a need to expand on something that has already been said, an email is a perfect opportunity to do this.

This is a good way to reiterate your interest in the job, and your confidence that you are the best candidate for the role. 

Follow up by sending a thank you email not later than 24 hours. Begin with the name of the person who interviewed you. If you are acquainted with the person then you could give their first name. If not, include details such as their first name, followed by their last name, and their title which is either “Mr. ” or “Ms. ”.

Choose an appropriate length. Below I present shortened and full versions of the same ideas. The short version will be suitable for most of the scenarios. Sign off the letter with your proper name and address, with the phone number and email.

Don’t press the send button on an email before rereading it several times. Just as with every message that you have crafted to your potential employers, ensure that your follow-up gets proofread before being sent out.

Short follow-up thank you email example The follow-up thank you e-mail is sent a couple of days after receiving the message or call, or after the meeting in question.

In the short version, do not repeat a lot of information, but try to be as concise as possible. 

  • At the beginning of the first paragraph, it is crucial to state your name along with the job title for which you are applying and express your gratitude to the interviewer. 
  • In the second paragraph, please mention the company, additionally that specific item/point of discussion, and/or the objective that is very crucial to the person who interviewed you. Relate that point to your experience and interests. 
  • In the final paragraph, you can encourage further questions and write that you are eagerly waiting to hear back whenever they wish.

Subject line: I am so grateful for taking your time

Dear [Interviewer’s name],

I appreciate the opportunity you share with me regarding the Marketing Coordinator position. It was also a great pleasure to get to know more about the position that I am applying for. 

I am highly motivated to work with [Company name] and I am very excited by the information you have provided about the brand campaign of the company. I am interested in some of the project management responsibilities and contributing the skills I have developed in coordinating collaborative efforts for the completion of tasks in multiple areas. 

Therefore, I am sure that my experience gained during my marketing studies and my passion for assisting brands to grow will allow me to satisfy all the demands of this position and contribute to the objectives of [Company name]. If there are any other ways I can be of help to you or if there is anything that you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Yours sincerely,
[Your name]
P: +852  6666 6666
E: youremail@email. com

This is a long follow-up thank you email example that could be used in various fields and situations.

When writing the long version, you have more of an option of elaborating on your skills in more detail. Here’s what to include :  

  • In the first paragraph of the letter, you should briefly thank the interviewer for the time he or she has spent in their discussion while reiterating your interest in the position and company.
  • In the second part of the email, highlight one thing from your conversation in detail and describe it. Be as clear as possible, and do not write more than a short paragraph for each question.
  • At last, give a final message and describe the values that will distinguish candidates for this new opportunity to bring value to the position you are seeking.

Subject line: Thank you for your time. 

Dear [Interviewer’s name],

It was great spending time with you on the telephone regarding the Account Executive position the other day. Thus, based on our conversation, I can comprehend that at [Company name] there is a convenient and energetic atmosphere, and it is a perfect place for an active and hard-working person like me.

I was especially keen on your request for a concrete type of personality who is proficient in generating value and insights while interacting with the client. It is quite a fascinating task, and I have thought about it some more after the meeting. Over the last few years, I’ve encountered many of the same challenges we discussed: shrinkage in client budgets and the long processing time when making decisions. One of my best strategies for getting past those obstacles has been to focus on the quality of the discussion rather than just providing information which is one of the reasons I frequently surpass my quotas.

That is why in my communication with the clients, I follow the policy of trust-building and credibility enhancement — and I am ready to apply it in [Company name]. If you need any additional information, kindly contact me through mail or phone.

Yours sincerely, 
[Your name]
P: +852 5555 5555
E: youremail@email.com 

It is important to remember that there are things that should be further adapted to your individual experience, as well as the interview discussions, especially in the case of the longer one. The only way that you can capture the attention of the employer as an applicant is by basing the general examples as much as you can apply them.

Checking In Email

If you’ve not got a response to your follow-up email, it is acceptable to send a checking email especially if it has been two weeks since your interview. 

You don’t necessarily have to feel worried that you might look like a desperate and annoying person after checking in. It is important to note that, while these decisions are made, the time it takes to arrive at such decisions differs from company to company. You are just reminding them that it’s time for an update and it’ll be good to hear how things are going now. However, if you are really keen on the job, there is nothing wrong with repeating it.

Checking in email example

There is no need to write a lot. Explain that you still need additional details but don’t appear to be overly eager. 

  • When writing the subject line for your follow-up email, ensure you include the title of the job that you interviewed for.
  • Send this email to the recruiter so they are most likely to be well-informed on the existing situation in the hiring process.
  • Respond briefly containing the message that you are indeed still interested in the job vacancy and would want to know the next course of action. As you may need more information for your specific case, you could offer to give any extra information if required. As a final courtesy, the sign-off should include a thank you.

Subject line: Checking in about the position of Marking Coordinator 

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I hope everything is good with you! I would like to do a quick check-in regarding the Marketing Coordinator position. It was a great pleasure to have met you, and I am eager to hear about any updates. If there is anything else I can do to help with the decision-making process, kindly let me know.

Best regards,

P: +852 5555 5555 
E: youremail@email.com

Staying In Touch Email

Whether you do not hear back after your call or the company informs you that you did not get hired, you can still attempt to maintain a professional connection with the employer. The general intention of this email is to pave the way for a professional relationship with the person. 

You should bear in mind that if they have said ‘no’ decisively regarding this particular job, this email will not change that. What it can do is strengthen your interest in the company and show the hiring manager that while you might have not been the ideal candidate for this position there may be another position for which the company would find suitable.

Here is the sample for a stay-in-touch email 

Like the brief check-in e-mail, this one also carries a brief message.

  • Forward this mail to the hiring manager. You can assume that this person most likely works in the seniority level of the area they work in or you can consider this person as a possible mentor in this area. In your first paragraph, state what about them and/or their ideas really clicked with you and why.
  • The email should not be longer than two paragraphs, however, be sure to include how soon you’d like to have a follow-up phone call or coffee. 

Subject line: That means to keep staying in touch.

Dear [Hiring manager’s name],

Hope you’re well. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the opportunity to speak with you, and thank you for considering my application. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a conversation with you and everyone here at [Company name]. Of all the information you have provided, the one that I found to be most interesting was your career journey. I believe that learning from people like you, who work in [your shared industry], and understanding how you honed and utilized your skills can be helpful for me as I establish myself in the field.

I understand that you have a tight schedule, but I would appreciate it if I could schedule an appointment for 10-20 minutes of your time. Could we or would you be ok with having a phone call or perhaps a coffee date soon, in the next few weeks?

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

So, if you did not receive a reply to this email, it is best that you follow up on your message once more. Finally, do not assume that everybody around you is deliberately not paying any attention to you. They are probably a very insignificant person in their primarily very busy lives and your email is probably one of the many things they don’t remember. These follow-up emails are not considered aggressive or pushy if you are polite enough rather than overbearing.

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