What’s new about Xero invoicing updates in Nov 2022

What’s new about Xero invoicing updates in Nov 2022?

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Invoicing is a vital element of running any business or practice. Xero wants to make users’ life easier by providing users with a smart and simple way to create invoices so that they’re paid on time and give your customers a great experience. 


Xero has two invoicing experiences in Xero right now: the older version (known as ‘classic’ invoicing) and the new invoicing. New invoicing includes the best features of classic invoicing, with additional functionality and a new look. With the latest version, Xero offers more flexibility to users, hoping to build more tools, and add new features and value that users need in the future.


What you’ll learn

1. Xero invoicing updates

2. New features of invoicing

3. How can FastLane help?

Xero invoicing updates

By default, new Xero customers will be using the new invoicing system. We’re adding so much value to new invoicing on 16 November 2022, it will be the go-to option for all new Xero customers. Classic invoicing is still available for those who prefer it and everyone can easily switch between classic and new at any given time. Please give new invoicing a try if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it! To switch, simply click the link at the bottom of any traditional invoice page and your invoices will be created with new invoicing.

What's new about Xero invoicing updates in Nov 2022? | Xero | FastLane


New features for invoicing

Xero hopes to free up some time for users in their day by providing features that streamline their workflows and get them paid faster, these features include:


  • Include contact information on the invoice
  • To an invoice line, users can add a discount in the form of a whole number and percentage value
  • Printed packing slips can be found on invoices that have yet to be paid and have been paid in full
  • Approve invoicing and take multiple actions, such as ‘Approve & email’
  • When creating an invoice, select the fields users wish to be displayed on the screen


Xero assists users in forming closer bonds with their customers, by providing easy-to-use tools and insightful information through:


  • Save the progress as a draft automatically when users add an invoice for a new or existing contact
  • Users can set a credit limit for customers, view their credit details and receive an alert if they go over their limit
  • Users can add a credit note to an invoice and approve it without leaving the page
  • Instead of sending an invoice through the mail, send it electronically for a quicker and more secure method (Australia, NZ and Singapore only)
  • If customers have more than one delivery address, include that information when sending invoices
  • Get account code suggestions from previous transactions

How can FastLane help?

Since 2013, FastLane has assisted over 1000 clients with a variety of services such as accounting, audit and tax filing and payroll services etc, with the use of cloud-based solutions like Xero. We’ve worked with clients from diverse industries, so we’re capable and flexible in assisting our clients with their specific needs, no matter how complex they may be.


As a Certified Xero Advisor and Platinum Partner, FastLane is capable of assisting our clients to transit to Xero and adapt to new updates offered by Xero. Our clients also are thankful to us for being there every step of the route.Xero platinum partner of the year | FastLane

Contact us now or visit Xero’s website (www.xero.com) to explore what exciting features Xero offered to benefit your business!