The Xero Marketplace Apps - Your Business Should Be Using Right Now

The Xero Marketplace Apps – Your Business Should Be Using Right Now

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As one of the leading financial accounting solutions, Xero has taken many businesses ’ finances to the cloud. With automation and real-time reporting, companies can equip their teams with the latest information about purchases, invoices, and financial reports.

In order to increase business effectiveness, Xero has continued to add applications to their fast-growing app ecosystem. With integrations built for unique purposes in the Xero system, these applications are helping businesses streamline their processes to achieve greater productivity. 

Let’s take a closer look at the available applications your business should be utilizing to boost your company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

1. Why did Xero Build Such a Large App Ecosystem?

When it comes to accounting software, Xero is committed to helping small businesses succeed.

However, they recognize that no company can provide every business with all the features it needs to be successful. For this reason, Xero has partnered up with other innovators who are willing and able to fill those niche gaps, so that customers have a better experience when using their software platform.


Xero recognizes the need for personalized apps tailored for different industries.

Different industries experience different challenges in the day-to-day business operations such as inventory management, payroll management, or administrative time spent in overdue invoice chasing.

To address these issues, Xero has opened its solution to 3rd party integrations that take specific use cases and amplify them.


2. The Benefits of 3rd Party Integration

By opening up its app ecosystem to integrations, Xero is making it easier for customers to utilize specific services for their unique business needs. There are many benefits to partnering with 3rd party software with API integrations:

  • Tailor each unique system for unique small businesses needs
  • Improve business efficiencies across all departments and support outcomes
  • Integrate with Xero seamlessly to save businesses precious time and increase productivity


3. The Most Popular Xero Apps You Should Be Using

While the Xero application library continues to grow, there are a few integrations you should be taking advantage of right now to boost your Xero effectiveness:



Purchase order creation and Approval Workflow in ApprovalMaxThis photo is originally from


ApprovalMax is one of Xero’s top automation app for real-time automation of sales invoices, bills, purchase orders (POs), and more. With ApprovalMax, companies can fast-track approvals or rejections of purchases across multiple teams and employees. 

Learn more about ApprovalMax here


Spotlight Reporting

Sample report generated by Spotlight Reporting

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Spotlight Reporting is application software that integrates all your data into one place to help you better understand business. 

With Spotlight, you can create insights and forecasts with the click of a button so that they’re informed by information from every area to provide optimal outcomes when it’s time for meetings or decisions.

Spotlight’s analytics allow users such as marketers and analysts alike have their finger on the pulse at any given moment; allowing them more opportunities than ever before while also making sure nothing slips through cracks unnoticed.



Sample account payable dashboard in Chaser

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One of the most time-consuming issues that plague businesses are chasing down payments and overdue invoices. 

With Chaser, you can easily automate invoice chasing and streamline your accounts receivable process with a few clicks. With full integration with Xero, Chaser can help you take better control of your invoices no matter where you are.

Learn more about Chaser here



Sample scenario comparison in FloatThis photo is originally from

For businesses to remain successful in the long run, they must have a constant eye on their cash flow. 

Without automation, cash flow tracking and forecasting can easily fall to the back burner – until it’s too late. With Float, businesses can better visualize cash flow in their Xero system and create a forecast in real-time. 


4. How can Fastlane Help?

As a leading expert in small business finances and accounting services, Fastlane is here to help you navigate the ever-growing world of Xero accounting apps and functionality. 

Our team of experienced small business financial experts can help you with a variety of accounting services, including Xero setup and training services that will have your team utilizing the powerful Xero processes fast. 


Not sure where to begin with Xero and the various integrations and apps the platform offers? 

Our Xero experts will help walk you through the entire process, identifying the suitable applications for your business needs and walking you through the installation and utilization of each. 


Every Fastlane client can learn how Xero and Xero integration can help supercharge their business functionality in no time – with fully customized and personalized training and support.

Want to learn more about Fastlane’s services? Contact our team today to learn more and see more great resources just like this online.