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5 reasons why you should check your financing

“Cash is king, queen and jack”, applies to poker game as well as start-ups. Most entrepreneurs are so focused on building their business idea that accounting has become their last priority. “By the time they approached it at year-end, it’s too late,” said Philip Wong, a management consultant and Head of CFO advisory services, FastLane … Read more

Firms use big data and AI to solve complex problems

Fintech is increasingly being driven by big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and is being used for a range of applications from credit underwriting and banking compliance processes to the use of robo-advisers for investment recommendations. “People have become very interested in big data and AI and they are growing rapidly. Large enterprises … Read more

Alex So Your guardian ‘angel investor’

Alex So: Your guardian ‘angel investor’

The founder of FastLane Group is part of our ‘Meet The Investors’ event that’s aimed at helping startups. He speaks to us about his experiences as both entrepreneur and ‘angel investor’ It’s a fact: millennials are driving the culture of startup entrepreneurship across the world – not least in Hong Kong. Startup companies are popping … Read more

5 Questions With Alex So, Founder of FastLane Group

5 Questions With Alex So, Founder of FastLane Group

Alex So is a co-founder of FastLane Group, a tech-savvy professional accounting firm that serves the startup community. He is passionate about providing the best accounting and corporate advice and simplifying his clients’ accounting and management information process. Being a fellow member of CPA Australia himself, Alex brings with him over 20 years of professional … Read more

News @ FastLane Unveils New Partnership with CoCoon

We are pleased to announce our new alliance with CoCoon through the introduction of a cloud accounting solution and special packages to its members. CoCoon provides eco-friendly and open co-working space for entrepreneurs, innovators, and experienced investors to explore opportunities together and turn ideas into reality. FastLane Group echoes with CoCoon’s vision in assisting young … Read more