Guide to China Visa

Guide to China Visa

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Employees and businesses around the world had to accomodate to new working arrangements in 2020 – unsurprising this has resulted in a collective desire to return to a sense of normalcy.

To prepare for this eventual return to normalcy, many have been exploring what can be done to better prepare oneself for travel, given that it’s such a crucial element to not only how we conduct business, but also on how we manage our personal lives.

In this article, we look to provide advice on China’s most popular visa schemes given that interest in this area has grown steadily in recent months. Specifically, we will speak on what the best China visa’s for business purposes are, their requirements and how best to approach your China visa application.


What You Will Learn:

1. What is a China Visa?

2. What are the basic requirements for a China visa?

3. What are the most popular China Visa schemes for businesses?

1. What is a China Visa?

A China visa is a travel document issued by authorized government agencies to foreign citizens who are applying to enter, exit from or are transiting through China.

In China, there are various visa schemes with each suited for a specific purpose. While each China visa scheme shares common requirements, many will have their own unique standards making some more suited for business purposes.

2. What are the Basic Requirements for a China Visa?

The following pieces of information are typically required when submitting a China visa application:

  • An original passport that is valid for at least six months at the time of application, and that has at least two blank visa pages. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport’s photo and data page must also be submitted
  • One completed China visa application form with a colour passport photo against a white background
  • Proof of legal stay or residence status of the applicant, or provision of valid certification that is relevant to the China visa scheme
  • First time applicants under 18 years of age should provide a copy of their birth certificate and copies of their parents’ passports

3. What are the Most Popular China Visa Schemes for Businesses?

Those who are looking to conduct business in China and would like to apply for a visa should consider the below schemes which are tailored for businesses:

China Employment Visa – Z Visa

A Z Visa is issued to individuals who are invited to China for a post or employment. A Z Visa can also be extended to cover an applicant’s accompanying family members.

While a Z Visa only permits a stay duration of 30 days from the applicant’s date of arrival in China, those who arrive in China should coordinate with their employer to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit which grants a stay in China for a minimum of 90 days to a maximum of 5 years.

While the earlier mentioned documents will still need to be submitted alongside an application, those applying for a Z Visa will also need to support their application with one of the following work permits obtained through their employers in China:

  • Foreigners Work Permit – issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC
  • Registration Certificate of Resident Representative Offices of enterprises of foreign countries – issued by Chinese authorities of industrial and commercial administration
  • An Approval document for commercial performances – issued by the Chinese Government authorities for cultural affairs

Business Visa – M Visa

A China business visa or trade visa, M visa for short, is issued to foreigners coming for commercial and trade activities, such as attending trade fairs, visiting clients and factories, negotiating with clients, and signing contracts. The validity period of China M visa is three months in most cases, while the allowed duration of stay is usually 30 days and can be longer depending on applicants’ personal cases.

In addition to the above mentioned documents which are commonly provided with each China visa application, M Visa applicants should also submit a China Business Visa Invitation Letter. This letter is issued either by a Chinese business or trade partner, and acts as a confirmation letter of invitation for the individual

Each invitation letter for a business visa should cover:

  • The applicant’s information, including full name, birth date, passport number etc.
  • Information about the intended business visit, including purpose, arrival and departure dates, and places to be visited
  • Information about the inviter, including name, contact number ,address, signature and company chop



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