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How Does a Company Director Get Paid?

Introduction If you successfully launch a business, you can live quite comfortably. Though it’s important to remember that being a company owner comes with its challenges, as you will be held mainly responsible for the successes and failures of the business. Often times, you are both the sole shareholder and director of the company.   … Read more

Share Transfer and Stamp Duty: How Businesses can Complete in Hong Kong?

A share transfer occurs when a shareholder in a corporation sells or gifts their shares to another new or existing shareholder. The following are the reasons why a company requires the transfer of shares:   A shareholder is looking to exit the company and make back their money A director either resigns from the board … Read more

What Is A Significant Controllers Register?

For Hong Kong companies, one of the most important aspects to consider is transparency. Knowing the particular individuals who own, operate, and oversee companies in Hong Kong can help ensure that corporate ownership is handled legally and according to Hong Kong law.  For the Inland Revenue Department to known and quickly access the owners of … Read more

What Is Company Chop?

Businesses that operate in China and Hong Kong often utilize what is known as a company chop – a version of the signature often used by Western countries to give approval for operational decisions and financial actions.   In this article, we will break down the basics of company chop, from what chop is to … Read more

What Is A Business Transfer?

In some cases, an investor may wish to purchase a portion of a business or assets of an entity without taking the steps to completely purchase a business. Often called a “share transfer”, the purchase is completed through the buying of shares of a business and taking ownership of a portion of the company.   … Read more

What Is A Virtual Office?

In the ever-increasing digital world, business is happening over the internet far more than in-person. For those looking to take advantage of the benefits of digital business without the costs of physical office space, a virtual office may be the perfect solution.   In this article we will break down the specifics of a virtual … Read more

What Is An Offshore Account?

Opening and maintaining an offshore account can offer a variety of benefits and is often sought by those looking to enjoy increased money mobility and tax benefits. However, offshore accounts often look and feel like a concept only accessible by the financial elite. Fortunately, offshore accounts are easier to open and manage – if you … Read more

What Is A Certificate Of Incumbency?

If you own and operate a company, ensuring that your paperwork is finished, filed, and official is essential. However, amid the numerous hats that a business owner wears while running a company, there are many pieces of documentation that may be overlooked. One of those essential pieces of paperwork is known as a Certificate of … Read more

3 Tips For Managing Your Virtual Office

One way to manage the costs of expansion is to set up a virtual office, instead of renting a physical space in every new country that you enter.